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Man Bras | Japan Brings Us Bras For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

God bless the Japanese, they are true innovators. Along with panties from vending machines, solar powered torches, and the beautiful but deadly martial arts like karate, kenjutsu and ginsu, they bring the world this – the man bra, or MENZUSUKYANTI

It's been done before no doubt, but has it ever been done with such style? Or with such a Herculean type model heating up the screen? (The fact that none of the models appear to actually be wearing the man bra indicates strongly that they may not have been aware of the type of ad campaign they were involved in, which is unfortunate because they would have looked quite stunning in any of the black, white, or pink offerings.)

These are billed as a 'premium brassiere' for men, which I thought meant that they give you extra support or something. I was wrong. Closer inspection reveals a brassiere that looks the part, but doesn't seem to have been designed with functionality in mind.

The pictures detail a brassiere that actually looks like it might work quite well for men who just like to wear bras for the feeling of it. The slim straight line back strap reflects the fact that the cups won't be supporting any great weight, which is fine, except if you suffer from gynaecomastia, in which case you'll be stuck in the ladies' section buying your bras for a wee while longer.

Specs reveal that these bras are made out of polyester, and feature removable shoulder straps (for those days when you're wearing something strapless), and possibly some padding. Google translation seems to fail a little when it comes to ironing out lingerie details.

Customer feedback seems to indicate that Japanese men are happy with the overall theory, and find the more masculine cut of the garment to be pleasing. After all, what's more embarrassing than wearing a bra and not being able to fill it out? The only semi negative feedback listed is that the men wearing these bras desire a range of cuter designs in more colors.

Could this be the seed of a new world wide men's fashion trend? Or will it forever be relegated to the pages with the two headed kitten and other such tomfoolery.

Only time will tell. I hope this one goes big, like Pocky, Hello Kitty, and sending your kids to foreign countries to drive around really fast in high powered sports cars.

Check out the page for yourself: Japanese Man Bra


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    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      It would be cool to see these bras be sold in stores here in the USA such as Wal-Mart or Sears.

    • profile image

      lingerielover 9 years ago

      Nice idea. I wonder when we see these bras for men in Europe and what the reaction might be. There is only one disadvantage. When wearing a bra I like to wear it with forms to feel some weight and bounce. Although I get some curious looks especially from women, I love to show a little projection. But let´s wait and see.

    • profile image

      doreenr 9 years ago

      I've been wearing bra's for a long time enjoying the feel of the straps and cup wires under my pecs. The bra is in my opinion the most uniquely feminine garment and when I put mine one, it just feels so special.

    • profile image

      Tim 9 years ago

      You can skip a lot of the speculation if you can read some japanese. Which I can.

      The Ad reads:

      This is the number one thing we hear from [customers?].

      "Why isn't there a men's bra?"

      Why, you ask?... Because there is no need?

      But... when there are people who think "I want it"...

      there is A NEED.

    • profile image

      likewhatiam 9 years ago

      Hi hope once again another great article on us lingerie wearing men. Well for me a bra is a must especially a support bra as I have back problems and the doctor suggested that I wear a support bra for extra comfort when standing or walking for long periods but the only problem is getting one that fits nicely so I would relish the fact that they would start making bras for men. The panties department isn't a problem as my local lingerie shop knows my size and informs me what they think will fit best. Keep up the good work maybe one day men will be able to have the freedom of fashion like the girls do.

    • profile image

      Gunnau 9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      G'Day Hope

      I love it and it seems to be quite a hit in Japan. I feel the Western world with it's overly conservative attitudes will not be as open. ( What's New? ) this link has a great clip showing the bra and talking to the creator. It's in english.

      At the end of the article, the english reporter said "the creator hopes the new bra will give men a better understanding of what it's like to be female and become gentler and more caring". If this is the case, why are men still getting crap for wanting to wear lingerie..

      I hope Wish Room does well with her designs and if the cost comes down. i may be able to buy one myself. Damn economy.

      Thanks for bringing the wonderful world of men in lingerie to us.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 9 years ago

      The japanese did it again. I hope the wave swaps over to the western world as well.

      That would be awesome!