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Manly Nightgowns For Men

Updated on November 18, 2009

Ever wanted a nightgown that felt lovely and smooth, but didn't make you look like you had gotten into your wife's wardrobe? Well at AllNylon, you can find just that! There you will find nightgowns made out of the finest, smoothest, most colorful nylon, but cut in such a fashion that you may as well be wearing a nylon sack, which makes them manly, and therefore acceptable.

These are actually probably quite excellent for men who just like wearing soft fabrics and don't want to deal with hysterical partners who can't get beyond the fact that they happened to have been born into a society where women were unbifurcated garments and bifurcated garments but men only get to wear bifurcated garments unless they join a religious order.

Except, of course, for the fact that even wearing a shapeless nightgown, you're still really wearing a nightgown, so maybe it won't help that much at all. Who knows though, maybe the absence of elegance and lace will convince your partner that you don't secretly want to run away to Tijuana with a bold mariachi band and marry a man called Manuel, anything is possible.

At $20 a go, they're not badly priced, though the quality of the workmanship has yet to be determined. If you happen to be the proud owner of one of these nightgowns, why not leave a review in the comments section so that all may be enlightened?

Though I am personally not a huge fan of these because of the way the pictured example hangs, reminiscent of that picture of that prisoner in Guantanamo with the electrodes on his hands and a hood on his head, it is nice to see that someone has elected to cater to the niche of men who want nightgowns but not pretty frilly ones. It's fair enough for a man to enjoy the feeling of nylon and indeed, the feeling of a gown without the desire to look like he is wearing women's clothing.

It's also an opportunity to support a small business over a large corporate which is probably funneling excess investment funds into weapons for Afghanistan. I hear a lot of them do that you know, in a world constantly at war, there's a lot more money to be made in whacking people than in making lingerie.

So, to support world peace, private enterprise and the notion that men can wear nightgowns without getting all girly about it, try one of these puppies


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    • profile image

      davidclark 7 years ago

      Please re-visit the site. New pics!! The nightgowns are not made to look "fem" but are designed for the man man who wants a silky feel while still appearing manly.

      These are designed to be extremely comfortable while lounging and not to "ride up" during sleep.

      All who have purchased so far have loved the feel and "hang" of the material.

      Please, see yourselves!

    • profile image

      Rick 7 years ago

      They have redone the websight with new pics. I ordered one and it is WAY comfortable!!!

    • profile image

      MrDonald 8 years ago

      I agree. I have been wearing nightgowns for many years now. I see no need for a "male" nightgown. The women's styles are fitted better and thus the skirt part does not ride up as often during sleep. I too find nightgowns far more comfortable than pajamas and as such, I have not worn pajamas for over 20 years.

    • profile image

      scantilyclad 8 years ago

      Sorry but i don't see what the problem is with wearing a regular nightdress, i have a few of them and just love them, i find them much better than pyjamas

    • profile image

      Niqqi 8 years ago

      On one hand the item does appear to look like a sack, but on the other hand they do come in lavender and pink and are made from 100% nylon like the panties, slips and nightgowns I always wear to bed.

    • profile image

      jakkie 8 years ago

      Looks nice. However, not enough fem design for me. I stick with lace trim, thank you.

    • profile image

      Gunnau 8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      It looks remarkably like the ones sold by

      My wife and i have a couple of Steve K's creations and they are made in Nylon Tricot ( Also available in sheer nylon) . Smooth and very comfortable.

      He also makes a Kaftan which is great to lounge in at home.

      Steve's are a little more expensive that AllNylon's at $38.00 US but are of good quality. Check all of his lounge wear.

    • foxxyz69 profile image

      foxxyz69 8 years ago from Niles Ohio

      I agree Ugly!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Michelle 8 years ago

      There ugly!...I would never wear that!

    • profile image

      SteveD 8 years ago

      Not for me. I got several "Shadowline" before they all went the way of the Doto Bird.

      But I guess if your pushing the limit and cannot it would make sense.

    • profile image

      rd 8 years ago

      I suppose there is a market for it, but I agree with you. I don't care for the way it hangs. I prefer something more fitted. However, it is good to see someone producing items from nylon.