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Buy Cheap Mary Kay Foundation

Updated on March 20, 2011

Mary Kay Makeup

Ever since my mom's cousin started selling Mary Kay, my interests in makeup expanded from brightly colored eye shadows to foundations and blushes.

Mary Kay is constantly testing and expanding their makeup collection so to help women across the board. Most of their makeup, especially the mineral powder and coverage foundation, has been tested and proven to help the aging process, especially when used with the Mary Kay Timewise products.

With the Mary Kay foundations, you will find that they are all lightweight and long lasting. You do not have to worry about the shine from excess oil, nor do you have to worry about constantly reapplying.

And, while you are wearing your Mary Kay foundation, you are helping your face as the foundations are packed with essential minerals.

So if you are the slightest bit interested, check out the three main foundations produced by Mary Kay, and check out the cheap prices from the products on eBay. Because yes, buying from a Mary Kay representative can get expensive...

Types of Mary Kay Foundation

Liquid Coverage Foundation

The Mary Kay coverage foundation comes in medium and full coverage. It is both lightweight and long lasting. With the coverage foundation, you get a flawless finish that stays put and lasts all day. And where many liquid foundations are oily and heavy, the Mary Kay Coverage foundation is silky smooth and oil free. You will find that the coverage foundation will control excess oil, and you will get at least eight hours of even skin tone. You can purchase one of two different formulas- normal to dry or combination to oily.

Creme to Powder Foundation

Although the Mary Kay creme to powder foundation comes in a much smaller amount when compared to the 2 fluid ounces of liquid coverage foundation, the creme to powder foundation is just .35 ounces of makeup. The creme to powder foundation goes on smooth and hides your facial imperfections. This foundation will help even out your skin down and then dry to a light, powdery finish. The Mary Kay creme to powder foundation is a small section that fits into the Mary Kay compacts, so they are easily replaceable.

Mineral Powder Foundation

Because not everyone can wear liquid foundation to hide facial imperfections, Mary Kay has their mineral powder foundation. You just buff it on in circles starting from your nose and out, and you can have light and smooth skin all day. You will not feel a heavy layer of makeup weighing you down all day because the mineral powder truly is a light makeup. You can put on as much as you want or leave it light.


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    • profile image

      Adebola 6 years ago

      How can get mary kay direct from you

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      I'm sure there are sellers who will ship to the Phillipines

    • profile image

      chari 7 years ago

      hi! i'm interested to buy MK foundation. i just wanna ask if you ship the items to philippines?