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Mascara Cosmetics For Beautiful Lashes

Updated on March 21, 2011

Mascara cosmetic is makeup that is applied on the eyelashes. Its purpose is to define and thicken the eyelashes as well as lengthen, curl or color them, depending on which type of mascara cosmetic is being used. Typically, mascara cosmetic comes in liquid form, come in a tube and is put on with a round wand or brush. However, cake and cream mascara also exists. Cake mascara used to be the only type available before the current variety was introduced back in 1957.

Mascara Cosmetics Through The Ages

Makeup that is used to darken or color the eyelashes has ancient origins. The Kama Sutra, a text about the art of lovemaking, includes a recipe for mascara. French perfume mogul, Eugene Rimmel, was first to commercialize mascara cosmetic on the market during the 1830s, and today his name is the word used for "mascaraā€¯ in certain foreign languages.

Black mascara can be overpowering; opt for a black-brown or dark grey color instead.
Black mascara can be overpowering; opt for a black-brown or dark grey color instead.

The next advancement in mascara cosmetics took place in 1913, when Maybelline founder T. L. Williams combined Vaseline and coal dust to create cake mascara. William's product was dressed on the eyelashes with a damp brush. Later varieties of cake mascara cosmetics were made of a wax and colorant mixture. It was Helena Rubenstein who revolutionized mascara cosmetics to the tube-and-wand product in 1957.

There Are Many New Mascara Cosmetic Products

These days, there are a staggering number of mascara cosmetic products available on the market. There are clear mascara cosmetics and primers, lacking any color, that enhance eyelashes by thickening them, as well as colored mascara cosmetics in shocking shades like gold, pink and lime green.

Flawless lashes are not easy to achieve.
Flawless lashes are not easy to achieve.

Waterproof mascara cosmetics are designed to prevent smudging, reduce clumping and help the lashes hold their curl. Lengthening and volumizing mascara cosmetics contain rayon or nylon fibers that act like short-term extensions for the lashes. Some mascara cosmetic products also contain conditioners like those found in many hair conditioners, to soften lashes.

Mascara cosmetics can be applied on all the lashes, but many people prefer to use it only on the upper lashes. Giving the applicator brush a wiggle at the base of your eyelashes helps the lashes appear more full, and zigzagging the brush during application helps to reduce clumping. If you're going to apply two coats, do the second one before the first one is completely dry to avoid unsightly clumping.

Mascara cosmetics now come in a wide range of colors.
Mascara cosmetics now come in a wide range of colors.

Replace Your Mascara Cosmetic Regularly

Since mascara cosmetics are used on a very delicate area of the face, it is important to replace your tube often, as using stale mascara can introduce dirt and bacteria to the eyes and may cause serious problems to your health. Many commercial mascara cosmetics now incorporate an antibacterial protectant that lasts approximately six weeks, but anything older than four months should definitely be thrown out. If you find your eyes feeling irritated or if there's any change in the smell or texture of your mascara product, replace it.

Tips For Mascara Cosmetic Application

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