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Matching Your Silk Scarf or Shawl to Your Skin Tone

Updated on August 21, 2015

If you plan to wear a hand-dyed silk scarf or hand-painted silk shawl, you will naturally opt for one that is the most becoming. Silk is luxurious, soft, vibrant and very versatile. It comes in all sizes, hues and patterns. This provides you with the chance to find and use the right scarf of silk shawl. Yet, if you want to achieve maximum effect, it is best to look for one that complements your skin tone.

It is easy to let a color specialist tell you what does and does not work with your own skin textures. This service, however, can be costly. You can avoid this expense if you simply follow these basic guidelines. They focus on the 4 major turnings of the year: Spring, summer, fall winter. Look at your face in the mirror then determine from these fundamental verbal charts what season best describes your complexion.

Winter colored silk scarf

Winter People

You are likely to be a winter person if your hair color is at the polar ends of the color continuum. Very dark brunette or dark black hair is common for a winter person. So, too are individuals with platinum blonde tresses. Complexions for these individuals are cool in tone heightened by a slight tinge of pink or blue. Skins tend to also range from pale or porcelain white to yellowish-olive or darker. This inclines them towards a striking contrast between hair and skin.

For a winter person, the best hand-painted scarves and hand-dyed shawls feature bold colors – strong reds, molten pinks, deep dark blacks and navy blues. Colors to avoid include beige, gold and orange.

Spring colored silk scarf

Spring Complexions

Spring complexions are sunny and warm.  The golden blonde tresses, auburn hair or strawberry blonde mane is accompanied by pale ivory skin. The complexion has peach or creamy white undertones. Add to this, light blue or sea green eyes.

Spring people are lucky. They can wear a wide range of hues. They can don scarves and shawls ranging from palest ivory to soft peach and golden brown or yellow. They can also select apparel in an assortment extending from aqua blue to bright green through clear blue and into true red.

Summer colored silk scarf

Summer People

If you are a summer person, you usually combine natural blonde or brown hair with light-colored eyes and pale, pink skin. Like their winter counterpart, summer individuals have similar blue or pink skin undertones. However, summer people do not have that marked contrast among hair, skin and eyes.

As a summer person, focus on pastels. The softest colors work in your favor including powder blue, baby blue, pale lemon, dusky pink, lavender and mauve. Do avoid bold and strong color shades. The strong reds and vibrant greens will only make you look washed-out.

Autumn colored silk scarf

Fall People

Fall people come in the colors associated with the season. Hair colors are brunette-based, chestnut red or stunning red. The matching complexion seems to reflect the golden richness of autumn’s harvest. Earth tones suit fall people best. They can appear at their best in beige, dark brown, gold, orange and olive. Fall people should avoid like the plague the unflattering pastels, blues, blacks and whites.

It is easy to find a hand-dyed scarf or hand-painted shawl most suited for your purpose. Knowing your skin tone will add a dimension to the process. It ensures you select a dazzling scarf or magnificent shawl that will ensure you make a definitive and powerful personal statement.

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