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Medieval Hats - Buy Medieval Princess, Cone and Felt Hats Online

Updated on July 4, 2011

For as long as history as been recounted, hats have been in the forefront of fashion. Like other fashion trends hats have changed; they've morphed into something else entirley, before changing back, or changing once again. It's strange how we feel the need to alter our outer appearance, whilst our inner look remains the same.


One of the oldest dating kinds of hats, and one that has seen a recent resurgence, are medieval hats. Medieval hats, also know as middle age hats or caps, were the beginning of, you could say, a headwear revolution; it's a revolution, I should mention, that it still being carried on today.

There are many different medieval hats for men and women to choose from. Medieval princess hats, for example, are one of the cheapest medieval hats for women for sale online. Other medieval hats for sale include medieval cone hats (my personal favorite), medieval felt hats and more unique medieval hats for men (and women).

Here you'll find all of these types of medieval hats for sale; you might even find a few medieval crowns to buy online.


Medieval Princess Hats

One of the bestselling types of medieval womens hats are medieval princess hats.  Medieval princess hats are the more famous type of medieval hat for sale; you've seen the look in countless movies, both animated and live action, with the princess walking innocently around with her large middle age princess hat.

The look of a princess medieval hat for girls hasn't changed. 

Medieval princess hats usually come in one of two colors: purple or pink.  They are cone shaped, or crowned shaped, and usually have a fabric tail. 

As far as cheap medieval hats go, princess medieval hats are some of the cheapest, making them an excellent choice for anyone to buy. 

Medieval Cone Hats For Sale

Medieval Cone Hats

Perhaps the most popular type of medieval headgear, and the best kind of middle age hat for men, are medieval cone hats. Cone hats are similar to princess medieval hats, but only in their design and not in their overall look.

Medieval cone hats, for one, have a style that is considered a medieval mens style.

One of my favorite medieval cone hat for men is the robin hood hat.  Although you may say that Robin Hood isn't truly from the middle ages the style of hat, at least in my opinion, is. 

  • 75% Polyester 
  • 25% Cotton
  • Button details and fold up brim
  • Medieval Cone hat style. 
  • Velcro Adjuster 



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      Wooded 7 years ago

      Love the Cat In the Hat model! I think hats are a fun way to express yourself. Thanks for the information!