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Man Face Shaving is Easy

Updated on June 10, 2011

Men shaving badly

Men shaving badly - getting the perfect close shave. Is it possible to get a really close shave, or is it just a dream sold to us by the advertising people trying to cash in on our desire to look perfect?

These days we are constantly being bombarded with adverts about the closest shave yet. Every six mnoths or so, a new type of razor is launched on to the market with even more blades or it vibrates or has some super wizzy lubricating strip that ensures us of a shave so close that your face is smoother than a baby’s bottom.

To back up the claim, your favourite football, ice hockey, basketball, golf, soccer, athletic (delete as appropriate) hero endorses that razor too. Add to that, so many shaving creams and gels on the market, for sensitive skin, tough beards etc. The choice today is totally bewildering.

Shaving’s Naked Truth :

Yet, the naked truth of shaving is that you don’t need all these extra gadgets on your razor. All they do is push up the price of the razor and replacement blades. How many blades do you really need on a razor? Two was a good idea, and maybe three blades, but four or five is just beyond a joke. Remember, our fathers, and their fathers before them, have been shaving for centuries without having multiple blades, lubricating strips and vibrations to gain a close shave. All you need is a simple razor, hot and cold water and some form of shaving cream.

Electric Razors : Best for Women Legs :

As for the electric razor, a man with a decent daily growth, is wasting precious time and money on these devices as they only scratch the surface of most men’s beards. They are idea if you only have a light daily growth, but totally ineffective on a heavy growth. The advertisers will have you believe that electric razors are the way forward. They might be convenient, portable, quick and easy to use, but really expensive too. In reality, they are best for women’s legs, as nothing can beat a wet shave.

A Brief Recent History of Shaving :

In the good old days, our grandfathers would swear by the use of the famous cut-throat razor (or straight razor) blades for the ultimate clean shave, but most men today would never dream of using such a lethal device. The idea of scraping your face with a extremely sharp large open blade every morning while you're still half a sleep and late for the office is not an ideal situation. To get a good shave from these blades have to very sharp indeed, and apart from that, you will get arrested at airports for carrying an offensive weapon in your wash bag while traveling.

The birth of the Safety Razor :

Fortunately, In 1903, the American inventor King Camp Gillette invented a safety razor with disposable blades, followed by the electric razor invented in the 1930s by the American manufacturer Col. Jacob Schick. Thanks to these gentlemen, it is now possible to get a decent shave without inflicting serious damage to the neck, or doing a Van Gogh, and cutting off part of your ear.

Shave It Like Bechham :

Yet despite, these advances and the introduction of razors with three or more blades, and all manner of daft gadgets such as a vibrating shaving head to give you a shave just like famous soccer star David Beckham, many men are still not getting or don't know how to get a really close shave.

Facial Fashions :

While have a face full of hair is considered to be manly, it can also bea real pain having to shave every day (or twice a day if you have a really thick growth). It's currently fashionable to be clean shaven, without a either a moustache or full beard, although a goatee beard is acceptable. Perhaps, in the future fashion will go full circle and beards will be back in. Until this time, most males have to face the daily battle with the razor and shaving cream trying to get a prefect shave. Yet, with a little preparation it's possible to achieve a good shave everyday.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation :

The key to any good job is of course, preparation. Shaving is no different either. First, you need the right equipment. A razor; two or three blades, it is your own preference. These blades need to be reasonably sharp too. A dull blade is a recipe for shaving rashes and cuts, and totally false economy. You can feel the blade going off, so replace it. A week of shaves is about average. Add shaving cream or gel of your choice. It is best to try a few varieties first to find the medium that you are must comfortable with.

Some Like It Hot :

It is universally accepted that real hot water is best for shaving. Warm or slightly hot just doesn’t do it. Add a spot of soap to the hot water to break the surface tension of the water, which adds to the lubrication. Some men like to wash their faces first, others put shaving oils on their face, its all a matter of what works for you. Next soak a face cloth in the hot water for a minute or two, then hold the damp hot face cloth over the areas that you plan to shave for a minute or two to really open the skin’s pores. Remove the face cloth, and move on to the shaving cream.

Creme de la Creme :

As mentioned, it is all a matter of personal choice for the type of shaving cream that you use, and its a personal thing as how you apply it too. Many men use their hands, while others prefer a proper shaving brushes, which lifts the hairs and gets the cream right underneath. (Women love to see a real shaving brush in a man’s bathroom cabinet too). Just keep the cream out of the eyes, ears, mouth, and up the nose too, but that is just common sense stuff.

Blade Runner :

While you were applying the shaving cream, you should have had the razor in the hot water - never put a cold, dry razor on your face. Now, using smooth strokes, which should be run with the grain of the hair (everybody’s grain seems to be slightly different, but practice makes perfect). Wash away the shaving cream frequently off the razor to avoid clogging. Use your hand to feel your face to see if you missed any bits - touch is more of an accurate indicator than looking in the mirror as often this starts to steam up with the hot water being used.

Finishing Touches :

Once you have finished, wash you face with clean warm water to wash of the remains of the shaving cream, then splash a couple of handfuls of really cold water over the area you have shaved. This closes down the pores again, and makes the face feel smoother. Of course, at this point, many men reach for the aftershave bottle (ouch!). Despite the name, aftershave should really never be put on your face as it causes more damage than good. Shaving everyday can dry and damage your skin, and the best thing for your face is moisturiser. But, of course (in a deep voice) real men never dream of using moisturiser – it's not the done thing.

Be Brave : Treat Yourself to a Proper Shave

Every man, at least once in their life, should treat himself to a proper shave in a barbers with a real cut-throat razor. There is nothing quite like it, and the resulting shave is truly amazing, and nothing like the one you get at home. Be brave, they are professionals and trained.

Do’s & Don’t of Shaving

Do use sharp blades - save the cuts and rashes, ditch any dull blades right away.

Do use a good quality razor and shaving cream - it pays in the long run.

Do use hot water and clean face cloths and towels

Do use moisturiser afterwards (I will not tell)

Don’t use old blades ever.

Don’t let other family members use your razor for their legs or other bits - hide it.

Don’t use cold water - it doesn’t open the pores properly.

Don’t use aftershave - put it on the back of your neck or wrists if you need to use some.

Don’t put in a fresh blade if you are going to an important event such as an interview or wedding as you will cut yourself (use one about a day or two old for the best results).

Don’t leave the house/apartment with loads of tissue paper stuck to you face after cutting yourself - it looks really daft.

You are now ready for the next morning’s shave - enjoy.


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    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 5 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      I Totally agree with you - I might let it grow a wee bit, then trim it down so it looks a lot better ;))

    • profile image

      crap 5 years ago

      this article is absolute crap !!!

    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 6 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Thank you for your feedback - Andrew you can now go and vote !

    • Andrew Goodfella profile image

      Andrew Goodfella 6 years ago from Auckland

      Try adding to your poll a double edged safety razor then I could vote