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Men Caught In Lingerie

Updated on October 12, 2009

Getting caught out in lingerie can be a problem for men who like to wear it out of the house, or even those who are in relationships where their lingerie wearing is an issue. It's one thing to flaunt your lingerie when you're in a sharing mood, its completely different to be caught out at an inopportune moment. Then again, sometimes its fun to raise eyebrows and cause whispers. As with everything else in life, sharing your lingerie with the world is about timing.

Here are some tips to avoid getting caught in lingerie when you don't want to be, and things to think about if you do want to be caught.

Hand Wash

I keep seeing the same story come up from guys who have been caught out by family members, or even their wives because they put their lingerie through the wash and somebody who shouldn't have found it. Hand washing your lingerie is better for your lingerie, and it also means that you won't be leaving it sitting around in a hamper to be espied by prying eyes.

Take It Off

Some men are just unashamed thrill seekers, wearing lingerie at times when discovery would be disastrous. If you're going to a family funeral, important interview or other such event, leave the lingerie at home. It might be your right to wear it whenever you want, but if old Aunt Agnes will have a heart attack because you bend forward and your pink panties become visible in the gap between your pants and back, then leave them at home.

Be Aware

Sometimes a shirt which looks fine under indoor lighting can turn translucent in sunlight or under the flash of a camera. There's nothing like taking a bunch of pictures with your buddies only to end up with everyone having multiple copies of you in a bra. If that happens, its safe to say that your secret is out.

Of course, some men want to be caught wearing lingerie. They willfully unbutton their shirts a little, letting lace show, or hike their panties up so that they rise above the waistband of their pants. If you're a bit of an exhibitionist, be aware of the possible fall out, and take some time beforehand thinking about the appropriateness of your actions. Part of being a gentleman is about making those around you feel comfortable. A little lace isn't a crime, but there are some times and places where it can cause a problem. Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, and to the general environment in which you will be interacting. If you're taking a partner who already isn't sure about the whole lingerie thing out to dinner, don't use the event as your chance to flaunt your lingerie to the world. Men sometimes get so focused on their lingerie that they sacrifice other people's feelings on the altar of it, and that is never a pretty sight.


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    • profile image

      Shelley 8 years ago

      Dear Hope... although I admire all that you are doing for us guys who love to wear lingerie and commend/ appreciate all your hub posts yet I feel that this one about Men Caught In Lingerie is totally inadequate for guys who'd like to learn how not to get caught. Even the other one on Caught Wearing Womens Lingerie is hopelessly inadequate (no pun intended). On behalf of all my lingerie wearing friends I request you to please try and give us more detailed information on all the possible give-away signs when a man is wearing a bra plus how to ensure that we lingerie-men don't give our secret away unintentionally. Thanks.


    • profile image

      girdle-man 9 years ago

      "Part of being a gentleman is about making those around you feel comfortable."Why isn't part of being a lady not making those around you feel uncomfortable? Women regularly flaunt there stuff without regard to anyone else except themselves. It's the intolerance of others who want to control men and feel her sense of privilege threatened when a man "steps out of line" that causes problems."Men sometimes get so focused on their lingerie that they sacrifice other people's feelings on the altar of it, and that is never a pretty sight."Actually, men need to have more focus on themselves and their own needs than always sacrificing and considering the wants of women. Men are human beings too. We deserve to have some enjoyment of life.

    • profile image

      sam_t 9 years ago

      As always, informative and helpful. It is important to be aware of and to accept the sensibilities of those around you. Personally, I would only want to share my fetish with a romantic interest.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 9 years ago

      Those aresome good tips;)

    • profile image

      Ross 9 years ago

      It never ceases to amaze me how intuative you are about us Panty Boys. You are truly an amazing gift Hope.

      Ross at

    • profile image

      Mikki 9 years ago

      Very well said, especially the last point about being sensitive to the needs of others. Although you have written some very good pieces about "coming out" there is just no good way for this to happen when you have kept it hidden from your close ones for a very long time. The breach and loss of trust is the single biggest loss and that is something that just can't be recovered. I make every effort to keep my lingerie wearing in perspective and tightly under wraps, but I know that statistics dictate I will be caught by circumstance... I can only do what I can to ensure that when caught, it's by someone who can't harm me (store clerk, hotel maid or ER doctor) and not by a family member.

      Good point on handwashing too... i never do my laundry unless I have time to wash, dry and put it away.