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Mankinis | Men In Bikinis

Updated on October 13, 2009
Fashion drones picking up the trend...
Fashion drones picking up the trend...
Chicks love mankinis!
Chicks love mankinis!

It's the natural progression from men in lingerie really, men in bikinis. Borats' mankini broke some serious ground for men wanting to experience the joy of covering their 'n' parts on their chests. (I can't type the whole word for fear of triggering some kind of adult filtering system with flashing lights and a burly guard who probably won't be wearing lingerie, so I have to be very careful what I say.) But in spite of the tireless promotional work done by our favorite Khazakstani friend, men wishing to wear bikinis to the beach or local swimming pool may find themselves the object of unfair scrutiny.

What can be done about this dilemma? Well, there are a couple of approaches that can be taken when it comes to men wearing bikinis. On the one hand, there is the bold approach, where both bikini top and bottom are worn with pride and disregard for any potential sniggers from other beach goers. This approach is not for the faint of heart.

Alternatively there is the more subtle, stealth approach to the issue, whereby just the bottoms are worn, creating the illusion of a man in a particularly fetching pair of speedos. It's rare for men who wear speedos to be messed with. Potential bullies know that anyone with the courage to wear a speedo in public is not one who will bow to the jeers and shoves of those who may disapprove. Who knows how many thousands of men already slip under the radar every year, wearing bikini bottoms to the beach, safe in the knowledge that few dare peer at a man's speedos too closely. It's the perfect solution, hiding in plain sight, enjoying the bikini without being subjected to the uneducated, Neanderthal responses of others wearing their scraps of material in more socially acceptable configurations.

There are of course, propriety issues to consider when one wears any form of skimpy underclothing to the beach. Where do you draw the line between looking hot in the bottom half of your mankini and just wearing your panties for all to see? The clever folks behind this video have sorted the problem out for you.

Whether you're male or female, if your tastes are flamboyant or more reserved, there is a bikini out there for you. Don't be afraid to wear your bikinis with pride (and a healthy dosage of sun screen, tanning is nothing more than a slow cancer causing burning of the body's largest organ.)


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      on u.s.a.beaches women wear what ever they want. men on the other hand if he wears a bikini will be harassed by police and teen age boys and up tight women. that's what i call a double standard. right or wrong its the american way. and this is the country we fought a dictator for freedom???

    • profile image

      P.C. gone mad 

      8 years ago

      I have worn good swimming briefs for 4 decades mach to the dismay of many. the board short crew are either afraid of their bodies or feel inferior when they see those who are better endowed. Its so strange a lady is allowed to wear a bikini wherever including a G string bottom (4 some strange reason men aren't in Australia at least) and they are saying we can wear our bathers 300 metres from the beach.

      P.C has gone mad it was always when in rome do as the romans do now its do as the romans do wherever. Come on guys if you like your swimwear (budgie smugglers as they are called) its time to stand up an be counted and wear them proudly and fight for G string swimming areas also.

    • profile image

      Nick from tampa 

      9 years ago

      The suits pictured look ridiculous! Any fool wearing one of those , in public , is just some clown looking for attention. This adds fuel to the stigma that goes along with wearing a Speedo-type suit IMO.

      I have several syles of swimsuit , and make my decision based on the environment. If visiting a Public pool (rarely) , I'll go with my Quiksilver boardies. If/when fitness swimming at the gym , a square-cut or Speedo is my choice. And when visiting our numerous Bay-Area beaches , my suit of choice is a red Ergowear bikini brief. Perfect for tanning , brief but still decent. Never had any problems whatsoever (quite the contrary).

      Wearing such swim attire is one of many reasons I take my fitness very seriously , pay attention to body grooming and like to present a favorable impression.

      As for the garb shown above , wouldn't be caught dead in that 'ish Lol!!

    • kfsteve391 profile image


      9 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Have worn bikinis since the early 70's. Back then speedos were considered daring. If you are looking for a micro mini suit today, check out Kaola. I have two of their suits. The first is a black micro-mini thong. Upon receiving it I thought how am I going to get into that. It takes some work to get everything in its tiny pouch, but it is worth it. Very small and holds you right out. The other is a see through pink string bikini. The front is only two inches wide at the top. Everything fits in nicely and the world gets to see a nice outline of what you have. The back is brazilian cut, small but not a thong. These are trully micro minis. A speedo would look like a tent next to these. Both are very sexy.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      When traveling on business I have often worn a bikini bottom to the pool and have had no overtly negative reactions. Now it was not a thong or skimpy bikini, but a standard rise Navy blue bottom to a tankini set my wife purchased and would never wear. I found the fit of the stretch fabric, the full lining and the high cut legs to be very comfortable to swim in and not overly revealing.

      Granted, I still tend to wait until later in the evening when most of the moms and kids have gone, but even then have often swam in mixed company (age and gender) with no problems. I think it helps that here in New England we are heavily visited by Quebec Canadians for whom tight fitting trunks and speedos are the fashion norm.

      It is too bad the US still holds to some strange Victorian notion that the male bulge is the mark of satan and should be covered by a full suit of clothing. Perhaps one day we will mature as a society and get past these gender defined notions of clothing restrictions and taboos.

    • profile image


      10 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      The Poor old Speedo or Budgee Smugler, Sluggo etc, has coped a very bad rap.

      There has been much pressure on the male to be extremely fit and well packaged to pull the speedo look off. Much of this has come from younger women and the mediteranian boof head who wear only baggy board shorts which rarely see the water. They are too busy asking questions like "Youse likes my new tats bro?, Fully sick eh!".I think boardies are as comfortable as wearing a suit into the water.

      I love the speedo and have tried on a Bikini. I like the bikini and love the speedo but then, i also love wearing tight lycra seather anyone else likes it or not. It's time to restore our rightful place in the world and show our bulges with pride. Bring on th sexy swimwear.


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