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Bustiers For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

If you're dipping into the world of lingerie, you might be a little confused by some of the terms bandied about. Panties and bras are easy to understand, and most men know what a corset is, but after that, things can start to get a little confusing. Never fear, you're about to get an education on a very sexy piece that you may not have heard of before. A bustier is used by women to lift the breasts and slim the waist, however unlike a corset, it is generally not tightly laced and does not descend much past the waist curve. The effect is both that of a push up bra and a camisole, and it is a very sexy look for any fellow who wants to look a little feminine, or just feel very naughty indeed.

Explore some of these beautiful bustiers:

Feeling a little exotic tonight? Then try one of the floral brocade bustiers from Amanda's Lingerie. This even comes with matching g string, and removable garters, in addition to the stunning bustier that laces up the front and will hold you oh so snugly.

Perfect for the man who likes a little stretch in his lingerie, this hot pink stretch bustier really makes a statement. Coming complete with garters and a g-string, you are sure to be in heaven when you slide your body into this sleek little number, which comes with boning to ensure a slimmer figure for you.

Perhaps you're in the mood for something a little more innocent and sweet? This white satin long line bustier is sure to give you the effect you're looking for. Coming with matching garters and a g string, this is a complete outfit for the sexy guy who is a little naughty, but still a good boy at heart.

Bustiers are an excellent way to make a statement, and a great way to flesh out your lingerie collection. Because they often come with matching g strings and garters, a single bustier purchase gives you a complete outfit that will have you looking great from top to toe!

Of course, you can also mix and match, or perhaps just wear the panties by themselves at times when you can't have your full outfit on. This is a great way to give yourself a little sensual treat during the day, whilst reminding yourself of the fun you have to come home to!


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    • profile image

      john 2 years ago

      t all startet trying my sisters panties more than 50 years ago.

      i now have more than 300 pair of panties lots of nightgowns, stockings corsets, bras and many other girlis things. my wife buys me panties and nightgowns. and some girdels.

    • profile image

      JimCD 4 years ago

      Love wearing all foundation garments especially the ones with satin panels. My favorite is a longlegged all-in-one with a split crotch for extra pleasures.

    • profile image

      Joyce 4 years ago

      I have done a lot of underdressing to the point where I can go to a park and slip on a sweater dress and a wig and makeup high heels and a purse and go out for a walk or go to stores to browse. I have a good relationship with a sales girl at Dots who has seen me both ways and treats me just like her girlfriend when I go there. We sometimes get weird looks but it is worth it for the free to be me feeling I get. It is just wonderful.

    • profile image

      satinysheen 6 years ago

      I absolutely adore the wearing of retro 50s open bottom girdles, especially with front and back satin shimmery panels. Now add a sheer pair of beige or suntan RHT nylons, attach them to at least 6 garters, more if you can get them, and encase all in sheer nylon see thru panties! Wow!!

    • profile image

      patsypop123 6 years ago

      Wearing lingeris is just great women have had all the fun for years now it is my turn i am wearing a Bra and pantyhose slip and an all in one right now and am as happy as a man could be and will not stop wearing the lingerie.

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      I really love wearing all types of womens lingerie but I cant get a proper fit. Does anyone in Britain know of lingerie specifically made for the male body? I have some lingerie/skirts and a dress which fits ok but most is a poor fit and can be uncomfortable. Basques need to be longer and bras in 40" A cup sizes, with panties that stay up and keep your bits in.

    • profile image

      Starsky 9 years ago

      added a pink satin and black lace chemise to my "outfit"...deep elegance suspender belt, white stockings, "fleur" thong and satin camisole...videoing it at the mo...gonna do a little strip for the camera and then pop it all back on...sooo comfortable...sooo sexy

    • profile image

      vistan 9 years ago

      I've been wearing lingerie for quite a few years now, and I have a pretty good selection. I've got babydolls, cami's, gowns, you name it, I've probably got at least one. My favorite is the bustier I bought from I only recently discovered the treat that is a bustier, but with stockings and the super-comfortable g-string, there's nothing better!

    • robin48 profile image

      robin48 9 years ago

      I love lingerie I am wearing a slip and panties now

    • profile image

      Starsky 9 years ago

      Worn a few basques before, felt and looked great. Really fancy a cami-suspender, but want one with "cups".

    • profile image

      panty man 9 years ago

      panty man says wear women panties 24/7 forever the panty man

    • profile image

      charlie 9 years ago

      Iwear a extra frim all in one girdle brefer every day. I find them comforble to wear. Iam a male.

    • profile image

      someone 9 years ago

      i love wearing lingerie, especially thongs and stockings with garters. was wondering if anyone can tell me where i can find something that resembles the white set the model is wearing on the picture above?

    • profile image

      wrppdnlace 10 years ago

      I wear lingerie almost on a weekily basis to feel a lot better about my self.