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The ABC's Of Men's Stockings

Updated on October 13, 2009

Stockings are undeniably sexy. Lying svelte against the skin, their caress is gentle and somehow comforting. They transform one's legs from mere modes of transportation and kicking things, into works of art. Many men enjoy wearing stockings, but some may have trouble taking care of their stockings properly. After all, unlike many women, men do not have the same formative experiences which teach them how to handle such delicate items. This is a basic guide on how to put your stockings on, deal with rips and tears, and wash them when you're done.

Putting On Stockings:

When putting on stockings, it is a good idea to roll them down to the toe. This means that you slide them over your foot in a similar fashion to the way one might roll a condom onto certain other body parts. Gently unroll the stocking up your leg, being careful to ensure that it does not snag on anything, which includes jagged fingernails. Wearing stockings is a very good reason to keep your nails well trimmed, as even catching on a fingernail can cause some delicate fabrics to tear and develop a dreaded run.

How To Deal With A Hole

If you do get a hole in your stockings, all is not necessarily lost. You may have heard of the old nail polish trick? Well it actually works. Using clear nail varnish will bond the fabric and prevent it from tearing further all the way down your leg. (Obviously the person in the picture did not take this advice!) A little varnish applied all the way around the tear and allowed to dry will ensure that your stockings are not entirely ruined, however they will never be the same. Of course, some men and women like the slutty ripped stocking look.

How To Wash Stockings

Stockings are best washed by hand and hung up to dry. If you've spent a great deal of money on your stockings, or if you just happen to like the stockings you have and don't want them ruined, then washing them by hand in warm water and letting them dry naturally is the best way to take care of them. If you're feeling lazier you can just put them into a delicates bag, which is a fabric bag specially designed to protect delicate fabrics from the agitator in washing machines, but which still allows water and soap to pass through it, ensuring that the material within gets clean.

You could possibly put your stockings in the dryer, but beware that doing this could also cause them to pill (where you get little bobbles of fabric on the stocking), become dull, or even shrink. Fabric softener is also not recommended, especially on hold up stockings, as it can cause the elastic to lose its grip.

Ready To Advance?

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    • profile image

      vistan 9 years ago

      Definitely use hand cream to smooth your hands out. I work a labor job, in a beef processing plant, so my hands are constantly calloused and very rough. For this reason, I typically just buy the 3 or 4 dollar brands at Wal-Mart. Vasarette brand is fairly sturdy in construction, and they are incredibly comfortable, for a very reasonable price.

    • UNION PACIFIC profile image

      UNION PACIFIC 9 years ago

      I have found that a man usually has rough hands, so before putting on stockings, Use a hand cream to smooth your hands. that reduces the chance of snags and makes stockings last longer.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 10 years ago

      Yes, leave a stocking out for the old man sneaking into your house. Notice how it's a stocking he wants, not something more practical, like say, a box. Never thought that was odd?

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 10 years ago from Scotland

      I think i will pass on stocking wearing but i will hang one on the mantle for santa claus coming to visit have fun lol.....jimmy