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Men In Lingerie: Bodystockings For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

In the world of lingerie there's nothing with a dirtier or naughtier reputation than the body stocking. It seems strange that an item of lingerie that covers so much should seem so risque, but there you have it. Body stockings are perfect for men whose love of lingerie stems from enjoying the feel of it against their skin. A bra or panty can only cover so much at a time, even when combined with stockings and camsole, but when you slip into a bodystocking there is no escaping the sheer sensation of luxurious lingerie which covers your entire body, clinging to your skin with every step you take.

If you haven't considered body stockings before, have a look at this selection and see if anything takes your fancy. Remember, like other types of lingerie, bodystockings come in a wide range of styles, colors, and cuts to suit almost any taste. The ones I've chosen to review here are all unique representations of bodystocking design.

Rose Lace Bodystocking

This red lace bodystocking is simply stunning. With a deep plunging v shape in the front, and a rhinestone clip holding the top together, you're sure to feel like a naughty devil when you slide into this number.

Lace Up Bodystocking

Possibly my favorite of all the bodystockings I'm reviewing today, this lace up bodystocking is both sweet and sexy at the same time. With a delicate rose pattern wending its way down the body, this body stocking is so dainty, and all done up with a red bow that makes the wearer look like a present that anyone would be glad to play with!

Opaque Criss Cross Bodystocking

Now this is definitely a naughty little number, a body stocking with sheer openings down the midsection and legs which are accented with crisscrossed bands. A simple, yet very different bodystocking design.

Sheer Opaque Garterbelt Bodystocking

This garter belt body stocking is an interesting variation on the classic bodystocking theme. It comes patterned with criss crossing lines which give the illusion of an invisible corset, and garterbelt and stocking top lines as well. Putting on this sheer opaque bodystocking is not unlike putting on a full set of lingerie! Perfect for the man who loves the look of wearing a full set of lingerie, but wants the all over feeling of wearing a bodystocking.

Out and About in Bodystockings

Because of their sheer and tight fitting nature, bodystockings are also a good way for a man who likes to wear lingerie when out and about to get his lingerie fix without worrying about panty lines, panty tags, bra lines, or any of the usual hazards that abound for men who wear lingerie.


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