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Sultry Men's Stockings To Die For

Updated on October 16, 2009

Well, not literally die for of course, that would rather defeat the purpose of being interested in material goods in the first place. Today's stockings are from Jonathan Aston's range which spans from the ludicrously expensive and ornate, to the quite reasonably well priced and very well designed. Hold on to your suspenders as we explore just a few of the designs of this British company.

Jonathan Aston's pure silk stockings are embroidered with diamonds, rubies, and pearls, and cost around $7000 USD. A perfect gift for the man in lingerie who has just about everything. These stockings are apparently quite popular with Japanese brides, as well as anyone with a great deal more money than sense.

Not all of Jonathan Aston's range runs this pricey however, in fact much of it is both sexy and reasonably priced. Take these fishnet stockings with a back seam for example. With the twin powers of the fishnet and back seam combined, it's very possible that you may have trouble handling the sheer hotness of this hosiery. For an extra added touch of glamor, you can chose a pair that has a silver, gold, or red thread wound delicately around the seam, accentuating it that little bit more.

Feeling more traditional? Sweet, perhaps? Sweet roses tights provide a bit of a change from your every day opaque or fishnets by coming in a rather demure rose lace pattern. With flowers climbing up your legs, you're sure to feel oh so feminine. Oh, and for any naysayers who think these look a little 1930's - these aren't your grandmother's tights, they're 'vintage'.

Do you like your hosiery to be feminine, yet manly? Evoke the feel of chain link fence with these Double Diamond tights. A larger diamond mesh pattern sits atop a smaller diamond pattern, reminding one a little of the animal cages at the zoo. The question is, if anyone pokes their fingers through the holes whilst you're wearing them, are they going to get mauled? Reow.

Want to feel pretty in pink? Jonathan Aston are more than happy to oblige with their pink diamond net holdups. The slightly ruffly feel to the tops of these gives them an extra touch of femininity, and they are distinctive enough to really stand out from the usual department store fare.

This is such a small sampling of the wonderful stockings made by this hosiery company, and in spite of the tongue in cheek comments littered throughout the commentary, I do encourage you to explore their range further. Not that they're paying me to say that. Wouldn't that be nice if they did. Feel free to mention I said they were quite nice. Maybe there will be stocking kickbacks for all!


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