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Men Wear Bras: Balconette Bras For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

A balconette bra is a bra that covers just a little more than a demi cup. A little more conservative than it's naughty cousin, the balconette bra is still extremely sensual. This type of bra may be suitable for the man who requires a bra for support, but also likes the way a well designed bra looks and feels on his body. The balconette bras featured today have been selected because of their attention to design detail, and their uniqueness. With literally thousands of bras on the market, it takes something special to stand out amongst the crowd. These three bras, from three different designers have managed to do just that, each one conveying a different message and mood, but all based on the same premise.

Felina: Victoria Balconette Contour Removable Pad Bra

This sweet little bra features adorable contrasting floral patterns over a black mesh material. It also boasts removable pads, which gives the man who wears bras a little something extra to play with when he is dressing up. There is a little mesh component between the cups, and attention has been paid to the lace detailing on the straps. A fairly simple, basic bra, dressed up with some tasteful trims, this comes in black, almond, and mocha shades.

DKNY Belle Du Jour Underwire Balconette Bra

DKNY is one of those big name brands, and with bra design like this, it is easy to see how they have risen to the top of their field. This soft pink pastel bra features subtle padding, which is always nice for those men who wear bras for pleasure and like to get the feel of a little more bulk in their chest region. Besides that, the rusched, scalloped detail, and the subtle embroidery on the cups make this a bra that will look equally good close up as it does far away.

Panache Romany Underwire Balconette Bra

This beautiful bra has an almost rustic feel to it. Perhaps it is the almost oversized embroidery that imparts the feel of old French farmhouses where ruddy faced milk maids rushed to and fro, or perhaps it is the scalloped edges that remind you of grandma's tablecloth. (Okay, so that may not be the most alluring analogy I ever made, but you get the idea.)

There is still a hint of naughtiness in the mesh which covers the upper part of the bra, just avoiding showing off 'too much.' A mixture of classical whimsy and modern sultriness makes this a beautiful bra indeed.


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