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Floral Thigh High Stockings For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Stockings are nice, but pretty thigh high stockings with floral designs on them are a special kind of nice. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, when it comes to women's lingerie, sometimes nobody wears a pair of stockings better than a man. Long, lean legs make for the perfect showcase for sweet stockings such as these floral delights that I'll be exploring in this article. Perhaps you haven't thought about wearing floral designs before, perhaps they always seemed a little too old fashioned. Well think again, flowers are a classic motif for a reason. In fact, flowers are traditionally regarded as being symbolic of fertility, after all, when you look at a flower you are really looking at a plant's pretty reproductive organs. So don't discount floral prints too quickly when it comes to purchasing your next sweet stocking treat, chaps.

Lycra Floral Stockings

Blowing the notion that floral prints are unsexy right out of the water, these lycra thigh high stockings are hot. They are stay ups, but if you like to wear a suspender belt, they are sure to look even hotter with black suspender straps extending from the top of them and traveling up your thigh. Reminiscent of a fishnet design, these stockings combine naughty and nice in a gorgeous way.

Floral Rose Print Thigh Highs

Now these are absolutely delightful stockings. A floral pink rose print set off by a pink background, these are as pretty as they are unique. When you get tired of shopping around at department stores and seeing the same old stockings displayed time after time, these online treats can really spice up your stocking collection.

Tropical Belladonna Printed Thigh Highs

Now here are a pair of stockings you don't see every day. These sheer nylon stockings are printed with a large bold belladonna floral print, and will look absolutely gorgeous with a suspender belt. These are sure to please the man who thought he owned every type of stocking already, and who is looking for something a little different for his collection.

Bridal Floral Stockings

Originally intended for wearing by brides on their big day, there's absolutely no reason why a man with a penchant for stockings shouldn't get in on the bridal stocking act as well. These sheer white stockings are criss crossed in a diamond pattern with trails of flowers. Pretty, sweet, and perfect for the groom as well as the bride.


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