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Men Wearing Beards And Dresses

Updated on March 7, 2010

One of the hardest things for men who like feminine clothing is the fact that they often have manly traits that make the feminine clothing seem, well, unfeminine. In particular, an abundance of body hair often gets in the way, cluttering up the place and creating a clash of the worlds that some men find problematic.

The best solution, in my limited opinion, is to simply embrace the contrast. There's nothing like a lovely handlebar mustache above a sweet pink nylon nightgown. Who cares if your beard tickles on the lace at the top of your camisole? Being a man who likes wearing pretty things does not mean renouncing your masculinity. Why not celebrate it by grooming your facial hair into interesting and manly shapes, and then wearing your lingerie or your skirts or dresses anyway.

Unless you are trying to transition between genders, or unless trying to pass, as they say, as a woman, there is no need for a man who is wearing a skirt, high heels or other items of so called 'women's clothing' to hide the fact that he is male.

In general, men are taller, broader across the shoulders, more hairy in the arms and legs, have bigger hands and feet and larger, more pronounced Adam's apples (yes, it is possible for a woman to have an Adam's apple, it's just not as common as it is for men.) Men have masculine bodies.

Fortunately, masculine bodies can look just as good in delicate, pretty fabrics as women's bodies do. There's no law that says you must have a certain hip to waist ratio to look good in a skirt or dress, and given that the fashion is turning inexorably towards idealizing boyish figures as it chases the idiot cult of youth that is everywhere these days (seriously, when was the last time you saw a major model who actually looked like a woman? I'm warranting it was back in the 80's or 90's. There aren't any Elle MacPhersons about in the fashion world these days. It's all Miley Cyrus and her pre-pubescent friends who have yet to develop figures.)

Fashion is fickle and frequently quite mad in the ideals it upholds, so men should not be ashamed or afraid to wear clothing that speaks to them, whether it is traditionally masculine or not, and they need not worry that they look out of place. We live in a society that demonizes the mature female figure and dresses toddlers in tank tops and bikinis and nobody blinks an eye, so I reckon its about time men got away with wearing whatever takes their fancy.


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    • profile image

      Screwloose 8 years ago

      I have always thought like that. I am a man that happens to enjoy wearing woman's clothing. I have no interest in being or imitating a woman, they just happen to have much more interesting clothing and underwear !

    • Chris_S profile image

      Chris_S 8 years ago from Texas

      Great Hub! This spoke to me directly because I fall into the category of a man who wears womens clothing without trying to pass as a woman. I just flat out enjoy womens clothing styles and shoes. As a personal choice, I do like to remain clean shavin and I do remove the hair from my arms and hands for a sleeker look. Since I wear long acrylic nails, I find hair on my hands and arms to somewhat clash with my nails. I don't currently wear skirts so I'm not concerned with hairy legs but I do keep my feet in tip-top shape with regular pedicures so I can wear pretty sandals. Additionally, I carry a purse for function rather than fashion and I prefer wearing female body scents. Despite all this, you can still very easily tell I'm a man and I think this is what tends to draw more attention to me than if I was trying to completely pass as a woman. I really enjoy mixing the male and female attributes and I think it works very well.