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Men in Heels

Updated on March 11, 2013

Men in Heels?

Yes, you read it correctly. High heels for men is a trend that seems to be picking up pace. I am not necessarily talking about cross dressing men or female impersonators. I am talking about heterosexual men wearing high heels. There are many men out there that enjoy wearing high heels and some of them especially like to wear them in public. These trend setters exist more than you may know.


Real Men Wear Heels

Don't be too quick to assign gender to a particular style of shoe. Especially to high heels. It is becoming more and more of a non gender specific shoe than you would realize. Many of you may drop your mouth open in surprise if you were to see a man dressed in a suit with a pair of high heels on. I may even do so myself. It is not something you see every day. However, it is a growing trend that we may as well get used to. I do not think it will be a rush to the store for men to purchase a pair of heels. I do believe that it will become more common as people open their minds to it. Also, designers are starting to design more genderless shoes and clothing for this exact purpose.

Why Would Men Want to Wear High Heels?

It is more common for cross dressers, female impersonators, and gay men to wear high heels than straight men. However, it is not completely restricted to these groups of men. There are men out there that enjoy wearing high heels for the same reasons that women do. It gives them a sense of power. They are taller than others. They make their legs look better. Men are bored with the regular choice of shoes out there. They want the same variety as women when it comes to shoes. Don't always consider it a form of drag. It is just a fashion statement that some men are willing to make. Style can be considered a form of visual protest. It states how you the wearer wants to be understood. Some men are brave enough to wear high heels but are often misunderstood.

Is This the Typical Response to Men in Heels?

King Louis XVI
King Louis XVI | Source

Men Who Have Worn Heels

Did you know that men in France during the 18th century wore high heels? That is until Napoleon banned it. It was a sign of nobility. King Louis XVI wore them and was photographed in them many times. They are not the highest of heels but still considered high heels. It is very clear that he is sticking his leg out so that you can see his heels. He knows he looks damn good in those heels!

Men of the 70's wore platform shoes that are considered high heels.

Derek J., an Atlanta hair stylist, was made popular on “The Housewives of Atlanta” by wearing his high heels.

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir wears his high heels with a smile.

Andrew Mukamal, fashion industry insider and an Editor for Teen Magazine loves him some high heels. He feels that men are too restricted in their wardrobes and especially shoes. He believes women have a large variety available to them and this needs to change for men. He also believes that this has nothing to do with looking like a woman. It has everything to do with wearing what makes you feel good.

What is Your Opinion on Men Wearing High Heels?

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Men in Heels for Charity

That Man is Wearing High Heels!

A man wearing high heels is probably not something that we will see a lot of anytime soon. However, it is a trend that is growing in some parts of the world and especially on the fashion runways. More and more designers are realizing that this is something that some men, straight and gay, have wanted for some time. I have seen men in heels two or three times in my lifetime. It was not in my hometown. It was in my travels to other countries and in other states. Yes, I was in shock when I saw it. However, I have to admit that I think it is great for anyone to express themselves freely and wear what makes them feel good. I hope that others can accept this fashion statement that may become popular in their hometown at anytime. Just don't take my high heels and I am fine with it!


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