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Authentic Menard Beauty and Skin Care Products with Reishi Now Available in Phnom Penh

Updated on October 2, 2014
The unique Selenicereous Flower that only blookms at night.
The unique Selenicereous Flower that only blookms at night. | Source

Pollution, UV rays and time are just a few of the elements that can wreak havoc on our skin, and unless properly cared for, skin can quickly develop signs of premature ageing in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes, not to mention much more serious problems such as skin cancer.

For the uninitiated, finding a skin care product that not only combats harmful elements, but also works in tandem with an individual’s particular skin type can be daunting and time consuming.

Mr. Sok Meng of Menard, a skin consultation and beauty product centre, believes that everyone can make informed choices about caring for their skin with the proper guidance and products.

“Often, many people prefer not to take preventative measures with their skin, rather they wait until there is a problem, and then spend a great deal of money trying to fix the problem after it is already too late,” Meng says from the opulent and serene showroom and skin consultation centre on Norodom Boulevard.

“We want to change people’s perception of skin care and beauty, which is why we offer skin consultation and counselling instead of just simply selling beauty products,” says Meng.

Menard takes its name from the Menard Cosmetics products they carry, a brand of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products that have been on the international market since 1959, and specialize in biotechnology for cosmetics. Products are made from high quality, natural ingredients, and each product line is designed for varying skin types.

What is unique about the Menard centre in Phnom Penh is that each skin consultation involves a futuristic electronic skin scanner, which can immediately identify skin types, and potential problem areas.

The small, handheld electronic device uses a non-invasive ultra violet black light to scan surface skin patches, as well areas beneath the surface of the skin.

Images are magnified and displayed on a TV monitor, where knowledgeable skin care consultants point out skin texture, moisture content, blemishes, and any underlying pigmentation discolouration, often indicative of sun damage.

Once the consultant has determined the exact needs of the skin in question, clients are directed toward the appropriate product line for their skin type.

“Each of our staff members is highly trained by Japanese skincare experts,” says Meng. He explains that in order to be a Menard skincare consultant, staff must undergo a rigorous training course. After successfully completing the course, they receive an official Menard certificate, qualifying them to become skincare advisors, specializing in the Menard brand.

Each of the product lines at Menard is made up of items such as purifying facial cleansing gel and cream, moisturizing facial lotion, skin smoothing essence milk and massage gel for the face and neck, toner, eye cream and revitalizing night cream, and all products are made with natural ingredients.

Specialized lines include the Tsukika line, made with extracts of the Selenicereus flower, a unique flower that blooms only and night and contains the energy to produce large flowers in a short time period. It is believed to reenergize the skin, replenish moisture, and protect skin from future damage.

The Embellir line uses extracts of rare red and black Reishi mushrooms, which, when applied to the skin, are believed to increase blood circulation, and renew vitality to dehydrated or stressed skin.

Menard also offers the Saranari line for oily or acne prone skin, Fairlucent, a line containing SPF38+ and natural ingredients to tone uneven skin and prevent darkening, as well as face masks, cosmetics, and perfume.

Aesthetic services such as soothing facial massages, cleansing treatments, and rejuvenating facial masks are also available, and range from a mere $10 for a Refining Lotion Mask, which targets acne and rough skin, up to $45 for a one hour holistic Japanese massage for face, head, neck, décolletage and arms, a treatment which focuses on blood circulation and metabolism.

“We never pressure our clients to by all the products in an entire line or to have any extra treatment they don’t want,” says Meng. “Clients can pick and choose what works best for them, and what they’re comfortable purchasing.”

Menard also offers samples of all the products at the centre, and tester kits for clients that want to try out a product before they commit to purchasing.

Although the authentic Menard products are slightly higher in cost than various other brands of cosmetics in Phnom Penh, the quality is high, and the prices have been lowered to fit the market in Cambodia, thus making the brand cheaper here than in other countries such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

To arrange a skin consultation visit Menard at No. 98 Norodom Boulevard or call 023 220 240 or 011 229 999.

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