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Boxer Briefs: Sexy Styles

Updated on October 22, 2012

In my very humble opinion, I think the boxer brief is the sexiest, most body-friendly underwear style available to men. Yes, the models in these photos have delicious bodies, and the drawers look fabulous on them. But they also look pretty good on men who aren't built like Marky Mark. The secret lies in two areas, those being length and fit. Oh, hmm. That didn't sound right, did it. Well, just pretend it did, I guess. Cos I'm serious. The sexiest boxer briefs will reach to your mid-thigh, and the best fit is a proper fit; you don't want to look like you're about to burst your bubble; nor do you want to look like your knickers might fall down at any moment. Here are some photo examples of what I'd consider to be the sexiest bang for your buck.

Polo Stretch Boxer Briefs

These are just a tad too short, but I've included them because they still look hot, somehow. Polo is one of my favorites brands for men, and the quality will last you forever. You can also bet they will be comfortable as anything, and that fit looks like there's plenty of support. Polo also makes a brand with a huge Ralph Lauren Polo logo written across the band, but I recommend staying away from that style, unless you're a hip-hop artist, or a teenager.

Hanes Soft Waist Boxer Briefs

This may surprise you, but I think Hanes makes the best boxer briefs out there. And they are not crazily priced, either. They are simple, come in gorgeous colors, like dark green, blue, burgundy, black, heather, etc. Colors I like to see men in, as opposed to white. They can be bought just about anywhere, and you can usually find very good deals online.

Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Brief

I know a lot of men like Tommy Hilfiger, but to be honest, I'm not a huge fan. I think I was overexposed while living in Texas, and I kind feel quesy when I see it now. And it doesn't help that the logo is so in-your-face. But, like I said, I know it's popular with some of you, so I've included a pair of boxers that I think look pretty ok.

Fruit of the Loom Boxer Brief

These are about the same price as the Hanes, and they run a close second in terms of looks. They do seem to fit a bit loose, however, so you may want to check their size chart before purchasing. As with Hanes, these can be bought just about anywhere, including online. They come in packs, as well, and the same basic range of colors.

Calvin Klein Flexible Fit

Calvin Klein makes loads and loads of boxer briefs and the styles differ tremendously. In most cases, I think they are too short, too tight, and too, well... too all about putting your assets on display, which can be a bit off-putting. But some of their styles, like this one, are sexy as anything, and it's not hard to understand why Marky Mark became so famous wearing them. They even look good in white, and that's really saying something.


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