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Cheap Crocs for Men for Sale

Updated on March 20, 2011

Crocs Shoes for Men

Not all men may want to admit it or not, but they like shoes, and they can can be quite picky about what they put on their feet.

Crocs are a favorite among so many men, that it's really an unbelievable number. Out of my closest guy friends, and my boyfriend, they all have a pair of Crocs shoes of some fashion- whether it's the classic Crocs shoe or a flip flop Croc.

Because the sandals are so light, men find Crocs shoes great for outdoors, going to the river, walking to the beach, rummaging around outside, etc. But, what's cool that a lot of men really aren't aware of is that the Crocs brand actually has loads of mens Crocs shoes ranging from different style sandals, boots, leather shoes, and tons in-between. I've even seen a golf shoe and a Crocs golf sandal clog with small, removable spikes.

There are many types of Crocs shoes for men, most of which can be seen below, with the Crocs sandals, Crocs golf shoes and sandals, Crocs leather shoes, camo shoes, Crocs terrain, Crocs Yukon, and Crocs boots.

If you know what you're looking for then by all means find it and buy it, but if you don't make sure that you look around for the best prices before jumping on the first pair. You'll find that eBay has some of the cheaper prices for Crocs shoes, so I've got most of the cheap Crocs listed here.

Choosing Crocs Mens Shoe Size

If you're not sure what size Croc shoe to buy, here are a few tips on sizing Crocs.


When choosing Crocs shoes, you'll want to know proper fit and size. Above is the estimate shoe size conversion chart. When looking at the chart, if you notice that your size isn't there, or if you usually wear half sizes, you will probably want to go for the shoe size above what you normally wear, since Crocs are made to fit loosely, you'll want to ensure that your feet have enough room. So, if you normally wear a 9.5, buy a size 10.

If you still have any doubts or concerns about the fit, you may want to just go to the store and try on a pair similar to the style that you're wanting to buy. You'll want to keep in mind that Crocs are meant to fit a little loose. You don't want the sides of your feet to touch the sides of the shoe, at least when looking at classic Crocs. Other style Crocs for men will vary upon the fit, but you don't want your toes to make contact with the front of the shoe, no matter what style Crocs shoe.

When you get your new Crocs in the mail, you'll want to double check the size on the shoe, as well as the fit. If you have any concerns or think the shoe is too small or too big, call customer service, or contact the eBay seller, and see if you can return them. Just make sure that before you buy there is a return policy just in case the shoe doesn't fit.

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Buying Crocs Shoes Online

When buying Crocs shoes and sandals, consider making your purchase over the internet through one of many sellers available. You'll be able to find a much better deal than if you were to shop at the Crocs store or outlet.

We all know how men like to save money on shoes so that they can buy other gadgets and toys that they really want, so shopping online and saving a few bucks on the shoes, will help with a few bucks for that new tool, fishing pole, motorcycle part, or whatever.

Consider the different types of shoe when buying Crocs for men, as depending on what the shoe will be used for, you'll find that there are options for everything, and the prices will vary on the type of shoe that you're purchasing.

Popular Crocs for men include:

  • Boots
  • Classic Crocs
  • Crocs Sandals and Flip Flops
  • Crocs Sneakers
  • Crocband Shoes
  • Leather Crocs
  • Ocean Minded Crocs
  • Slip-On Crocs
  • Santa Cruz Crocs
  • Terrain Crocs
  • Yukon Crocs

Camo Crocs are very popular, and you can find the camo design on the classic Crocs shoes, Yukon Crocs, Crosstrail Crocs, Ace Boating Crocs, and Baja Flip Flops.

Most of the mens Crocs shoes come in browns and darker colors, but you can find the sports themed Crocs, as well as others, such as plaid and leather Crocs.

Men will love Crocs shoes no matter what style Croc. Just make sure that a proper Crocs insole is worn applicable, so that any pressure can be relieved, as these shoes are typically pretty flat-footed.


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