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Men's Cosmetics

Updated on June 15, 2010

Male cosmetics are starting to be a very real presence in the world of fashion, indeed, they always have been, but up until recently they were something of a secret. Do you really think that Elvis had plastic perfect skin naturally? Of course not! Was John Wayne's forehead always bone dry under studio lights because of the sheer force of his personality? No. But although icons of masculinity havve always worn make up, the average man on the street has shied away from it for fear that it might somehow taint his masculinity.

Of course, no man should feel that he has to wear make up, but if you're the sort of guy who likes to take pride in his appearance and dress well and groom himself neatly, a little subtly applied make up is one way to take your look to the next level. Women appreciate a man wearing foundation and a little mascara (even eye liner goes over very well these days if the overwhelming reaction of women to celebrities like Russel Brand, Pete Wentz, and that dude who was on idol (names often escape me) is anything to go by. Oh and Johhny Depp. Once Johnny Depp wears something, all men are free to wear it afterward, it's like an unwritten rule of men's fashion. Johnny Depp is your fashion Neo, in case you were wondering.

Wearing make up isn't something that has to be feminine (though if you want to put on pretty pink lipstick and dress up like a lady, well, I have plenty of articles for you too) it's all in how you carry it off. Wearing a little lip balm isn't going to change your innate sense of self, not unless your sense of self is so elastic and malleable that a little bit of gelatinous sparkly stuff can change it, in which case you should definitely look into joining a cult.

The articles on the side bar are all good places to start if you're looking for general make up tips for wearing make up as a man, or if you're looking for more specific advice on things like foundation and eyeliner and mascara.

Remember, it never hurts to experiment. Even if make up isn't something you would have considered in the past, you might find that you enjoy adding a little foundation and perhaps some mascara or lip balm into your routine. You might even discover why some ladies are so attached to their make up. But please, never go so far as to wear your make up overnight so that people don't see you without it on. That attitude to make up reflects the darker side of the cosmetics force, the kind you must resist.  You are not your make up. It is a tool. It is war paint. War paint you can wear without getting funny looks and being tackled by cops when you try to get on the subway.



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    • profile image

      herby 7 years ago

      I use cosmetics since more than 20 years and nobody ever said something negative to me. Compliments, yes. In Miami, FL men's spa already existent. So, were is the problem?

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      Most cosmetics from reputable brands are fairly safe, especially when compared to the lead and mercury based cosmetics those crazy kids used in Midevil times. Of course, some people do believe that even modern cosmetics carry some risk, however as long as you're not buying a low quality, unregulated brand you should theoretically be fine.

    • profile image

      rich3800 7 years ago

      I've heard about toxic substances in cosmetics even recently. I remember reading that, in the Middle Ages, they used to use mercury in make-up, causing them to go insane and lose their hair (for the monarchy, at least). Which explains the popularity of wigs in those days.