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Men's Fashion Tips - Shoes

Updated on December 31, 2017
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The Beginning of Men's Fashion - Shoes

Shoes the base of the male fashion structure just like the concrete foundation of a house.

If you don’t start with a good solid base then you are doomed for failure whether it is building a house or creating a strong fashionable look.

Men, your shoes are a very important part of every outfit you wear whether you are dressing for a wedding for the office or for a trip to the market.

If you wear the wrong pair of shoes you will be labelled by everyone that sees you as someone with absolutely no fashion sense.

Children might point and laugh at you; women will definitely wonder what the hell you were thinking. Other men might not notice but some will and they won’t say anything because they want you to look bad, they want you to look bad because it might make them look that much better.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Coordinating Your Style

Just like with coordinating any outfit whether you are male or female there are rules to follow and if you don’t know what they are here is your chance to learn.

I don’t know if it is true or not but I heard once from a guy who knew a guy that heard from his cousin about a guy that knew another guy that he paid attention to the rules of shoes in the fashion world and once he started wearing the proper shoes for the proper occasion his life improved exponentially from that day forward and he never looked back.

Now everywhere he goes he is confident happy successful and just has a wonderful time never wondering what others are thinking of his shoes because he knows he is well put together.

So if you want to be that guy pay attention and if you don’t care and will wear loafers to the beach then I feel sorry for you.

Coordinating Pants and Shoe Colors

There are only so many types of shoes and ways to combine colors so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember what goes with what.

If you enjoy looking good in the eyes of others and for yourself then consider what I am saying and start making the right choices today.

Color co-ordinating your shoes with your pants.

Black pants – wear black tan camel or oxblood. I prefer to stick with black shoes when wearing black pants or suit. You can’t go wrong that way.

Navy (dark blue) pants – wear a brown as dark as the pants if possible. You can wear a lighter shade of brown but try not to go to much lighter. Some people say black shoes look fine with navy pants but I am not fond of that combo myself. Oxblood goes as well.

Gray pants – black and camel are best if you really must wear gray pants.

Brown and other earth tone pants – brown and black look great with these colors.

Jeans and Shoes Coordination

Jeans – keep the color schemes the same as Navy Pants above depending on color of jeans. More so with the rule for Navy pants keep your shoes close to the same darkness of your jeans.

Now combining the right type of shoes with your pants or outfit like a suit. Might as well start with suits.

Suits – here is where you can and should spend some money. A pair of leather cap toe lace ups or most Italian shoes will look great with your suit. A shinier shoe which has a more stream lined heal and toe. Bulky dress shoes do not go well with suits. Oxfords will even work for some suits. Trendy suits look great with ankle boots with a squared toe.

Jeans – now right across the spectrum from a suit, jeans can be combined with an oxford shoe if you want to dress your jeans up a bit. An oxford shoe with jeans and a semi-dress shirt un-tucked looks great.

Many styles of shoes look god with jeans from sandals to sneakers, loafers, boots and more. A good rule of thumb is to pick a pair of shoes that go well with the shirt you are wearing.

Casual Pants and Shorts with Shoes

Casual pants like Khakis – loafers go great with khakis as do oxfords. Just make sure your loafer or oxford choice is a more casual choice to suit your pant choice.

Something to fancy say as in an oxford will stand out like a sore thumb. To get a preppy casual look try a pair of penny loafers with your khakis.

Shorts – depending on what kind of shorts you are wearing. Athletic shorts will need a pair of runners.

A dressier short requires a bit of thinking, depending on where you are wearing your shorts you can try a pair of sandals(do I really have to say no socks?), boat shoes with no socks or sport socks that don’t rise up your leg.

Some loafers look okay but you really want to be sure about this one before purchasing.

I hope these tips help you out. A couple more things before you go. Socks should match your pants. If wearing navy pants wear navy socks. Your belt should match the color of your shoes.

When I buy a new pair of shoes I will also purchase a new belt right away. It is good to spend a bit more on your shoes because a better quality shoe will last you much longer than a cheap pair and they will also feel better to wear.

You only get one set of feet take good care of them. They are worth the money.

A casual oxford
A casual oxford
Fine shoes for a suit but not your jeans
Fine shoes for a suit but not your jeans


© 2011 Grant Handford


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