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Mens Flip Flops

Updated on March 23, 2011

Mens Flip Flops

In Hawaii we call them slippers. It sounds more like we are saying sleepers. But almost everybody wears them I think mostly because if you wear regular shoes your feet will smell a block away and you wont be able to bring your shoes in the house. Even the flip flops get sort of smelly if you don't get them wet every so often.

Certainly there are plenty different types of flip flops. I prefer the ones that do not go between your toe. You know they just slip on and off. Most surfers where flip flops because they are causal and comfortable.

You can buy them almost any where unless you live in the mid west. Then for some reason you cant find then in the winter, I guess they are not to fond of wearing flip flops in the winter. Ice and snow don't usually go along with flip flops. I buy all mine online because I know the type and size that I like. You can click on any of the Ebay or Amazon areas on this hub and search for the type of flip flop that you like!



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    Grace 7 years ago

    Thanks for this Hub! I will have to get my boyfriend some of these for christmas! They look a lot more durable than the crappy foam wal-mart kind!!