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Mens Luxury Watches by Movado

Updated on September 2, 2012
New Movado Nouvelle Luxury Watch
New Movado Nouvelle Luxury Watch

Movado Luxury Watches

Derek Jeter and Tom Brady wear a Movado, what do you wear?

These watches have an elegance and simplicity that can fit anyone's life style. So you don't have to be rich and famous to sport one.

The price and quality of these watches really set it apart from other Luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and Rado. It truly is one of the best mid-way luxury watches. Many people have never heard of Movado watches, but anyone who wears nice watches has heard of them. With only 25 luxury boutiques across the USA it remains a smaller brand, but still has grand reputation among people how own them. Check out watches by Movado!

Never Heard of Movado?

The Brand was founded in 1881 by a young entrepreneur Achille Ditesheim in the small town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Movado has earned more 200 international awards for innovation in time technology and artistry in watch design.

in the language of Esperanto, Movado means "always in motion". The art of Movado is the art of design.The Brand is defined by a single dot at 12 o' clock representing the sun at high noon. The Movado Watch dial is regarded as an icon of Modernism.

  Movado new advertising ideas to the brand has always used black as the background, and show the brand has been the promotion of cultural and artistic development support and commitment, and the pursuit of perfect performance and excellent design philosophy.

 By advertising campaign, Movado once again demonstrate their love of the arts and cultural support, and to relentlessly pursue the perfect performance and excellent design of the determination. Movado has been actively supporting New York City Ballet, particularly its centennial celebration of the "Balanchine 100: Centennial" (Balanchine 100: The Centennial Celebration) show.

 In addition, Movado is the Lincoln Performing Arts Center, New York John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center, Miami International Film Festival and the Miami City Ballet sponsors.

Other Watches by Movado

 Did you know that Movado also handles everything for the famous Coach and Tommy Hilfiger watch collections? Movado Group's business includes the design, manufacture and distribution of brands such as Movado, Concord, Ebel, ESQ, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger. Movado remains their flagship brand with watches easily stretching into the $1000+ price range with their Diamond watch sets and Modern 18k Gold inlays.

Movado Mens Sapphire series

Movado Men's Sapphire Stainless-Steel Watch PVD Black - 606307 Classic - 606092 Mirror Dial  -  606093
Movado Men's Sapphire Stainless-Steel Watch PVD Black - 606307 Classic - 606092 Mirror Dial - 606093

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