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A Guide To Men's Satin Panties

Updated on June 8, 2010

Satin is a fabric held dear to men who wear lingerie, or rather, if I am to be accurate, it is a style of fabric that entrances lingerie aficionados of all genders. Satin, one might say, is the most important fabric in all the kingdom of lingerie, if we are to view lingerie as a kingdom, which I think we should, as it accords the subject a certain gravitas that is often otherwise missing.When it comes to purchasing a pair of satin panties that will serve one well, it pays to understand the nature of satin. Satin has many secrets beneath its lustrous shine, and if you wish to tame it, you must first come to understand the silken beast.

The first fact one should know about satin is that it is not a fabric or a substance in and of itself, but a weave which creates a shimmering shine on one side of the fabric, and a dull finish on the other. The popular form of satin, the satin most people refer to when they use the term, is silk satin, in which silk strands have been woven in a satin weave to create the famous glossy shine of satin. However other fabrics can also be used in the creation of satin, nylon and polyester being two popular man made alternatives.

You see then, my dear readers, that it is not enough to refer to a particular pair of panties as being 'satin' alone. For the same term can describe a glorious piece of lingerie with longevity and style or alternatively, a cheap pair of panties that will pill up the first time you put them in the wash. (Polyester is particularly bad in this sense and should not be trusted as far as you can throw it. Nylon on the other hand, makes some lovely satins that can be enjoyed in much the same way as silk satin but at a much lower cost.)

The pinnacle of satin however, the highest quality satin a man can find, is double faced satin, that is, satin that has been woven so that both sides of the fabric are glossy. This type of satin is in exceptionally high demand and if it is made from silk, one should not be afraid to pay top dollar for a garment created out of this lovely two faced fabric.

There are many types of satin in the world, and not all satins are suitable for lingerie. Wedding dresses, for instance, tend to be made out of a rather hefty, stiff satin known as Duchess Satin. If you've had the commendable DIY impulse to make your own satin panties, take time to educate yourself by visiting a fabric store and finding the satin of your dreams.You may also find other delightful fabrics that take your fancy and inspire you to greater creative heights.

I'll end with a little tip you might find useful, nothing goes with satin lingerie like satin sheets, but beware of the lack of drag that will occur when sleeping on satin sheets whilst wearing satin clothing. More than one foolhardy wearer of lingerie has plummeted out of the wrong side of bed after entering it too quickly.


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    • profile image

      chevy34_00 7 years ago

      I love satin panties.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

      Hooray for Satin :D

    • profile image

      Wendygrrl 7 years ago

      Interesting... I never knew much about them...