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Men's Titanium Rings

Updated on August 5, 2013

Titanium has been dubbed the "space-age" metal and is used to construct submarines and military high performance aircraft, due to it's tough corrosion resistant properties plus it's high strength to weight ratio.

It was originally discovered in the 18th century, and named after the Titans in greek mythology who were renowned for their considerable strength.

In recent years however, there has been considerable interest in creating jewellery out of titanium for men, in particular titanium rings.

Like gold, titanium is inert, and unlike gold it is scratch resistant, and thus suitable for jewellery. Titanium rings have a macho gun-metal grey and black look, making it more suitable for men's jewellery than gold which looks too gaudy on blokes.

There are rumours that titanium rings made from Aircraft Grade Titanium, are so hard that jewellers would struggle to cut the ring off your hand - but there seems to be no truth in this - jewellers' cutting tools that can cut stainless steel will cut titanium with no problem. The rumour seems to have been started by gold jewellers who were panicking at the popularity of titanium men's wedding rings (titanium is not as expensive as gold)


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