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Men’s Wallets: Your Pocket Guide To Different Types

Updated on June 11, 2013

Men, unlike women, can’t exactly have purses glued to their hands to carry stuff. This is why they almost always resort to wallets. Thanks to the mighty fine selection of styles, men are able to pick the ones that match their needs.

Seeing size as an important factor, men usually find themselves choosing among wallets that suit different pockets and outfits – from back and jacket pockets, down to breast pockets and trench coats. If not, they choose according to the items a wallet can hold. Some go for those that can carry extra cash, while others settle on wallets with several card slots. No matter what you're looking for, the key is to go for functionality and presentability.

Bi-fold and Tri-fold

Standard bi-fold wallets are designed to fit pockets. Its main pouch holds cash in a vertical manner, while the sides function as holders for all sorts of cards. Tri-fold wallets, on the other hand, resemble a brochure – in that two sides bob up from the center. Its main part is a pocket, equipped for paper money; and its card slots, tailored to sit vertically.

Accordion and Side-by-Side

Accordion wallets, though relatively long, are designed to securely carry different items. Fitted with columns and zippered pockets, wallets of this kind can have enough room for cards, passports, and even other travel documents. In contrast, side-by-side wallets feature two columns of card slots that fold over lengthwise. This results in bills, not getting folded in half, which then results in less bulky feel.

Money Clip and Wallet Band

Perfect for men who need easy access to their money, money clips are tough and durable metal clips that hold folded money in place. They are often used as back-up to standard wallets for keeping extra cash. Similarly, wallet bands are thick, heavy hunks of elastic that serve the purpose of holding money and cards together. They, too, are often used by those who wish to off-load the bulk of traditional pocket wallets.

Coin and Card Holder

Adding to its capacity to easily fit front pockets of jeans is coin holders’ size that’s just big enough for a few dollars worth of change. Used in the same manner, card holders are small, simple wallets, designed to hold cards and a few folded up bills.

Long Wallet and Jimi

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Long wallets are usually about the same size as breast pocket wallets and can handily accommodate bills without having the need to fold them. They usually come with chains that secure them to belt loops of trousers or jeans. Jimi, on the other hand, is a hard plastic case that has enough capacity for securing small amounts of money and a handful of cards. Though typically small in size, Jimis can protect your cash from getting wet.

Wallets spare men the trouble of having to bring bags all the time. And while this is true, men need not worry, as there’s always a bevy of options for carrying their cash and cards in style.


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