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Men's Clothing Essentials That Won't Go Out of Style

Updated on November 11, 2012
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Simon's background is in biomedical and health science. He also writes about fashion, nature, and photography.

Men’s fashion is always changing. What’s hot now will likely go out of style next year. It can also be expensive to constantly follow the latest trends in fashion. You have to keep buying all the new styles every season. What if you could look fashionable without investing in new clothes all the time? You could by wearing clothes that are timeless and everlastingly stylish. Here are essential clothing pieces that will always look good and are must-haves in any man’s wardrobe.

Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt | Source


Every man should have a couple of cotton long sleeve shirts. They can be worn at work, or out in town. Invest in a durable white Oxford shirt. They have a classic clean look and look classy with jeans or khakis. Tuck them in for a more formal appearance otherwise wear them untucked. Also, stock up on a few cotton shirts with vertical thin stripes or small checkered (like gingham) patterns; they are good investments as they look good in any season and resist going out of style. Choose shirts with chocolate brown, baby blue, and white colors. Shades of red, green and purple also work well.

Polos and T-shirts

You should have in your closet a few Polos and regular T-shirts. Polos look more formal than T-shirts and can be great for outings with the family or with friends. Choose any color that you like. Opt for brighter colors, like whites, and pastel reds, greens, blues as they tend to be trendy colors especially in the spring and summer. Avoid fluorescent colors because these colors do not have staying power: they come and go. Regular T-shirts in the above colors are also safe bets. Printed T-shirts are a risky choice as the printed contents may not be popular later on and besides the ink or paint used on the shirts may fade or wear off after a couple of washes. Choose T-shirts with embroidered motifs as they won’t fade or wear out as fast as printed T-shirts.

Faded Jeans
Faded Jeans | Source


Jeans will probably never go out of fashion. They have been around since 1873. You probably already own a pair or two. If you don’t, consider getting them. Jeans come in a variety of fits. Stick with straight leg or boot cut. Boot cut jeans have wider leg openings so that you can wear boots in them without the jeans bunching up. Shades of blue are a good choice and are likely to stay in fashion for a longer time. What’s trendy is the worn look. This look is likely going to stick around so search for a faded pair of jeans the next time you’re out shopping.


A blazer is a great piece of clothing that works well with the above shirts and jeans. It makes the outfit look a bit dressier, and is the perfect garment to go out on the town with. Brown, black, gray and navy blue blazers are good choices.


Wool sweaters can be irritating to the skin. Cotton sweaters are a perfect alternative to wool sweaters. They are comfortable, breathable, and warm. Solid or horizontal striped sweaters are the way to go. Fluorescent colored sweaters in orange, pink, or green are not recommended, neither are any prints or designs because they tend to go out of fashion.

Wool Coat

A black wool coat is a timeless piece of clothing. It provides warmth and won’t be too bothersome since it’s not worn directly against your skin. It is a great fashion item to own because it gives a refined look to an outfit and goes well with jeans.

Shoes and Boots

A good pair of shoes to own is a pair of loafers. They can be worn at the office or anywhere in the city. Plus, they are easy to put on. Brown is an excellent color as it complements jeans very well. In the winter, a pair of brown boots is a safe investment.

Final words

Go for solid, vertical striped or checkered pattern shirts as they will endure changes in fashion. When it comes to T-shirts, avoid prints as they fade and wear out over time. Select blue faded jeans – they are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. A blazer is perfect for a more dressed-up look. In colder weather, keep warm and comfortable in cotton solid or horizontal striped sweaters. A wool black coat will add a touch of elegance. Brown footwear is always compatible with jeans. These clothing items will remain stylish for a long time despite the frequent changes in trends. You will look sharp in them and will not have to shop for new clothes all time to stay fashionable!


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