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Mesh Panties For Men

Updated on October 21, 2009

I like mesh. Yeah, it can look kind of trashy, and it doesn't have the classic overtones of lace, but damnit, I like mesh anyway. I like it for its see through naughtiness, for the way that it can turn an otherwise boring pair of panties into a sexy sensation. I love the way it can be used as a tease, revealing only so much skin, and leaving the rest to the imagination of the beholder, or it can be crass, revealing everything you've got to anyone who cares to look.

Mesh panels in women's lingerie are an interesting proposition for men who wear lingerie, mostly because the designer normally had in mind an idea that the front of the panties could be see through, but the gusset and lower part of the panties would hide the 'good stuff' from prying eyes. This doesn't quite work when it is a man wearing the panties however, as men tend to be, er, much longer in the target zone, meaning that quite a demure pair of mesh panties can turn into a racy pair fit for a seasoned exhibitionist simply by being slipped onto a man's body rather than a woman's.

Mesh is often used in combination with smooth and shiny materials, such as satin and nylon. The combination of these materials often makes for panties which are both a visual and sensual delight.

Let's look at a few pairs of mesh panties...

Get Ruffled

Now these mesh panties demonstrate how mesh and lace can come together to make something quite spectacular. Lace ruffles make for a sweet feminine touch, whilst a mesh back and front panel makes a totally different impression. A little bit burlesque, a little bit Amsterdam, these panties are all sexy.

Be Up Front

These mesh panties on the other hand, are a prime example of the phenomenon I was speaking about earlier in this piece, when I mentioned the way that mesh front panels, whilst demure enough when worn on a woman, often result in racy results on a man. I'll leave it to your imaginations how these innocent looking panties would fit a male.

A Side of Sweetness...

Rounding the collection out on a less dramatic note, these panties with a mesh side panel are a good example of the way that a brief panty can be jazzed up with a little mesh, and also how embroidery can be used with mesh to soften the see through effect and create a more classic image.


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