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Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Updated on July 14, 2013

Self Concious about Unwanted Hair

I would consider myself to be an attractive woman. I have pretty nice features, blond hair, blue eyes. I take care of myself by going to the gym and maintaining good hygiene. I have never had any problems getting dates. I do, however, have one huge flaw that I am extremely self conscious about. I have embarrassing unwanted facial hair.

Luckily for me, since I am a blond, my hair is light and not as noticeable. It is very noticeable up close though, and I've always had a few stubborn long coarse ones that are very very noticeable. I was disgusted with myself, so I needed to find out the best way to solve this problem.

Methods of Hair Removal

Tweezing - This is the method that I have used the most in order to manage my unwanted facial hair. The problem with tweezing is that the hairs come back darker and coarser. It also makes your body decide that it has to produce more hairs. I tried only tweezing the dark, coarse ones, but the blond coarse ones were always still there, taunting me. I didn't want to tweeze them because I didn't want to make things worse.

Shaving - I've always heard never to shave your face, because it makes the hairs grow back faster and thicker. I have never used this method on my face, but I do use it for my legs and armpits. I think it is a good method for these areas, even though I do get razor burns around my bikini line.

Depilatory - This is the fancy way of saying "hair removal cream". These creams are usually fairly expensive, and they also smell quite bad. This method of hair removal annoys me, because I do not like waiting for 15-20 minutes with this nasty cream on my body. I also have found that the cream does not remove all of the hairs. When the hair is thicker it takes longer than the recommended time, and sometimes doesn't even work at all.

Waxing - This is the method in which the hair on your body is ripped off with hot wax and strips of paper. The plus side of this method is that the hair doesn't grow back coarser than it usually would. It also takes a longer time for the hairs to grow back, as they are pulled out at the root.

Laser Hair Removal - This is sometimes advertised as a permanent method of hair removal, but in actuality it is a method of hair reduction, not permanent removal. On the plus side, it does reduce hair growth by up to 90%, which in most cases really does help the problem. The major downside of this method is that it only works on very particular hair and skin types. It only works if your skin is light and your hair is dark. The darker your skin is, the less likely this treatment method is to work. The contrast is also true, the lighter your hair is, the less likely it is to work as well. Since my hair is super light, this method was not likely to work on me. In addition, this method is pretty painful. However, if you have light skin and dark hair, this would be a very good method for you to remove unwanted body hair.

Electrolysis - This is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. It works on all hair and skin types. As this is the method that I have chosen to remove my unwanted hair, I will write a full hub on the pros and cons of this method as I have experienced it.

Which Method is Best?

The different methods of hair removal all serve their purposes. Some are cheap and easy, some are expensive, painful, and time consuming. The method you chose depends on a few questions. How much money are you willing to spend on it? Are you looking for a permanent solution, or will you be satisfied with a temporary solution? What is your skin type? How much pain are you willing to endure?

In the end, you must decide which method is the best for your situation.


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    • Gemini Fox profile image

      Gemini Fox 5 years ago

      Those are the areas I had done - because I thought if I got electro. it would take so long and end up being even more money than the laser. I also have very sensitive skin so I get razor burn with shaving, too - bad! So laser seemed to be a good alternative.

      Tried to do my research . . . got references from people who had gone to the first laser place I went to - even from someone who said she was a blond and had success. They will tell you that people with a light skin and dark hair have a better success rate. I actually have more auburn hair and don't tan easily - tend to be the "glow-in-the-dark" white :) so thought it should work pretty well - also had very thick, course hair which is supposed to be easier to get rid of. In your research you've probably also come across the fact that there are different types of lasers and some work better on some people than others. If you do want to do laser, this is an important part to research.

      Long story short, I was disgusted with the first place. Can’t remember the type of laser they used but it didn’t work – had to sign up/pay for full number of sessions (would not go this route!) and because it hadn’t worked by the last session, they gave me a free one – big deal! Basically started over at another place (with a different laser) and that didn’t work either – although the technician said that now I would have less hair – which I don’t think is true. Now maybe if you have alabaster skin and black hair this laser stuff will work; I was not the perfect candidate but you sound as though you would be even less of a candidate. Don’t get sucked in just cuz it sounds easier than electro.!

    • Elani-Lee profile image

      Elani-Lee 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks! I've never actually tried laser, but I was going to for my bikini area and "happy trail" since those are larger areas and my hair there is darker. Why do you say it was a total scam? Is it because your hair was too light, or it just didn't work at all?

    • Gemini Fox profile image

      Gemini Fox 5 years ago

      Totally understand your frustration!

      From personal experience, laser = TOTAL SCAM . . . and a very expensive one at that (my avatar shows me with dark hair but photo has been "tweaked"). Going to your electrolysis hub . . .