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Micropeeling Flawless Skin Body Bar Step by Step Tutorial

Updated on December 16, 2013

How effective is this Whitening Body Bar?

Natural Ingredients in this Soap Bar-

Papaya - Known for it's whitening effect on skin, giving a fast skin cell turn over, evens out skin tone naturally.

Pineapple - Very rich in bromain which helps in lightening acne scars, blemishes and even melasma on skin. Helps get rid of black heads & whiteheads. I have proven this to work on my melisma some 5 years ago when I was on real estate selling islands in the island of Palawan, Philippines.

Carrot - High in antioxidants and protects our skin from sun damage and sunburn. Very moisturizing for mature and aging skin. Skin whitener.

Lemon - Wonderful skin lightening & bleaching. Rich in Vit C.

Sugarcane - Natural glycolic acid present in this juice exfoliates skin without harsh chemicals.

Fresh Goat Milk - Best milk to use for skin care! Breaks the bonds of the skin to reveal a younger, fresh & vibrant skin!

Organic Bearberry Extract - Best skin whitener which helps protect our skin from further skin damage, protects us from being burnt under the sun. Perfect for this Natural Whitening Soap Bar!

Micropeeling Flawless Whitening Body Bar

A soap bar containing fresh fruit juices/extracts from papaya, pineapple, carrot, lemon, sugarcane plus fresh goat milk.

*Powerful skin whitening while protecting from further skin damage that can be caused by the sun.

*Rich in antioxidants giving you a flawless, smooth & rejuvenated skin.

*Skin lightening & bleaching from lemon, for an even skin tone.

*Exfoliates, unclogs acne pores thereby cleansing your skin from blackheads & whiteheads.

*An awesome maintenance after a chemical peel.

*100% Natural & Organic ingredients!

Fruit & Vegetable Skin Whitener
Fruit & Vegetable Skin Whitener

What we need for this Whitening Bar?

Our Batch: 2,500g

Batch = Total weight of OILS


LYE 357.5g

825g Coconut Oil, 76 deg (Virgin Coconut Oil is preferable)

750g Olive Oil (Virgin Olive Oil)

425g Canola Oil

350g Soybean Oil

125g Castor Oil

25g Stearic Acid (Palm Stearic)

900g Liquid: Broken down as follows:

25% 625g Papaya, Pineapple &Lemon Fresh Juice + Goat Milk (Dissolve Caustic here)

50g (2%) MILK (Goat, Cow, Carabao, Soy (for dissolving potassium Sorbate & Sodium Bicarbonate)

225g (9%) Sugar Cane Juice

Total Liquid: 36% 900g

Combine with 50g or 2% Goat Milk:

12.5g 0.5% Potassium Sorbate or 1% Geogard Ultra;

2 of 1/8 tsp Sodium Bicarbonate


62.5g Sweet Orange OPTIONAL Additives:

12.5g Patchoulli 1. ½ tsp Silk Mica (add to base oils bef

12.5g Chamomile stirring LYE Mixture)

2. 100g 4% Bearberry Extracts

Fruit Preparation---

Micropeeling Flawless Natural Whitening Body Bar

Preparing for our Fruit Extracts--

Buy the following:

1 Head Pineapple

1 kg Carrot (peel the skin)

1 Head Papaya (Ripe)

½ Kg Kalamansi (strain & pour all over the fruits)

a. Combine all the fruits and use the blender or the juice extractor or use the stick blender.

b. Add 100g Goat Milk (or any milk) to the fruits while blending.

c. Strain the juice (for use on your soap) and save the PULP. Place the pulp in a clean plastic bag and freeze the PULPS for use on ‘Skin Bleach Skin White’ Fruity Peel Whitening Body Scrub.

Peel the skins & cut to pieces.
Peel the skins & cut to pieces.

Step by Step Instruction--

Step 1 Juice the fruits or process in a blender to extract the juice naturally. Or use your stick blender, then strain to get the juice. Strain the juice & weigh required amount.

Step 2 Line your mould.

Step 3 Weigh caustic soda, weigh liquids required. Dissolve caustic soda to the liquid. Mix until fully dissolved. Then, let cool to room temperature.

Add LYE slowly while stirring.
Add LYE slowly while stirring.
Dissolve LYE completely.
Dissolve LYE completely.

Step 4 Weigh the base oils, melt the hard oils and mix in one container. Stir in Silk Mica until pearly effect is achieved (if adding Silk Mica).

Step 5 Stir in LYE Mixture to the base oils. Stir in a slow phase using a spatula then,
give a few short burst using a stick blender.

Step 6 At light trace, stir in Papaya, Pineapple &Lemon Fresh Juice + Goat Milk Mixture. Mix well.

Step 7 Stir in 2% Preservative Solution {50g (2%) MILK (Goat, Cow, Carabao, Soy (for dissolving potassium Sorbate & Sodium Bicarbonate)}, mix well.

Step 8 Stir in 4% Bearberry, mix well using a stick blender.

Step 9 At medium trace, Add fragrance blend.

Step 11 Confident that the fragrance blend was incorporated well, @ trace, pour on your mould.

I improvised on my mould and used a plastic container. Works really well!
I improvised on my mould and used a plastic container. Works really well!

Step 12 Let the soap batter reach a complete gel phase and sequester for 24 – 48 hours before unmolding.

You may use your soap bar after 48 hours, but, remember that the longer curing time, the harder and more economical your soap bar will be. I usually cure mine for about 3 months. You may cure from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

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