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Military Jackets | Designer to Dirt Cheap

Updated on September 22, 2010

Military jackets are still in style. Even if you are reading this in the year 2056 after a semi apocalyptic event, military jackets will be in style.

What makes a jacket a military jacket? Buttons and lapels darling. Lots of brass buttons, plenty of lapels, and a straight fit that makes you look tres military. The market is absolutely flooded to tipping point with military jackets at the moment, so here are some style suggestions from elite manufacturers of clothing for human women that will help you sort the military jackets from the chaff.

Twill Military Jacket | Kardashians by Bebe

Though some might be utterly mystified by the fact that the Kardashians have taken their rightful place as style icons and role models for a new generation of women, one cannot deny that they know how to style a jacket that simultaneously gives a cropped look at the front, and a long, refined tail at the back which, to be honest, makes me want to just squeal with utter glee. Cut in a tuxedo style from the finest cotton, this is the perfect jacket for a day that is only slightly cold.

Bebe have this to say about the entire affair: This twill military jacket is cut tuxedo-style for an avant garde look. With crystal-studded ammo bands at shoulders and double row of military buttons.

Shop At Bebe

Aryn K Military Jacket

Now this is what I call a military jacket. This gray wool / polyester blend garment is perfect for extended campaigns in the field, if you know what I mean. The distinctive plethora of buttons along the front of the garment is sure to provide protection from stray missiles, and also to earn you the praise and adoration of coworkers, friends and strangers.

This military jacket is serious business cut to suit a female figure. If you've been wondering how to get others to take you more seriously, you may have found your solution in this simple, yet elegant garment that was designed to take the battle to the front.

Get The Garment

Alloy Military Jacket

If you're seeking something more feminine, more frilly and less expensive, then this military jacket from ALLOY might just be the ticket. Or rather, the jacket you have been looking for. Made from velour, it ensures that there will be a gentle sheen about your person at all times whilst you are wearing the item. This looks to me like a jacket one could be happy in.

Go Go Alloy


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