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Miracle Broth or Myth?

Updated on September 20, 2014

The fountain of youth does not exist. It would have been discovered long ago if it did. However, American’s still shell out billions of dollars every year trying to find that miracle product. Every day a new product hits the shelves of local department stores, convenience stores and on line stores. To the majority of American’s the idea of paying $165 for an ounce of moisturizer might seem crazy, but it happens every day. For example, companies such as Crème da la Mer are making billions off of consumers’ obsession to be young and beautiful. Crème da la Mer is the leader of high-end skin care products including moisturizers and cleansers, all made from a short list of unusual ingredients.

Crème da la Mer’s bestselling product is the moisturizing cream. While a bit thick and heavy, it has received rave reviews from celebrities, housewives and the average consumer. The company also makes a soft crème and a gel crème for customers looking for a lighter moisturizer. Each of the moisturizers has a very unique texture, and all contain the same unusual ingredients. Each of these products targets a different skin type, but promises to deliver the same results due to the main ingredient that can be found in all Crème da la Mer products.

The unique list of ingredients is what makes this product so special. A NASA scientist developed the cream after an experiment left him badly burned. He created what is widely referred to as the “Miracle Broth”. This “Miracle Broth” is the main ingredient found in all Crème da la Mer products, and comes from rare seaweed found only off the coast of Northern California. The special seaweed can only be harvested once every five years and is not easy to find. The seaweed is supposed to cure almost any skin ailment and transform dull, dry, lifeless skin into youthful and supple skin. It is said to be the fountain of youth in a jar.

It seems as though Americans’ are becoming more obsessed with looking young and beautiful every day. "For 40% of women, it becomes a lifelong obsession between 25 and 29." (Gorman 48). Crème de la Mer has become one of the most sought after moisturizers in the world. The reviews are all the same; the product actually does what it claims. Crème de la Mer costs $165.00 an ounce, and consumers are paying. “So, it's worth paying the extra money for the ingredients. You don't have to go to $195, there are certainly, but if you want sort of the best of the best of the best this cream, Crème de la Mer is it.” (Sawyer 1). Crème de la Mer can be found just about everywhere. For a 16.5 Oz jar of La Mer Moisturizing Cream, the average retail price is $1900. There are many moisturizers on the market today, but only a handful actually deliver the results they claim. They all claim to provide youthful radiant skin. Crème de la Mer is proving to be different. When used as directed, the results are seen within a few days of initial use. The skin becomes smoother, more supple and toned.

While it might seem crazy to spend $165 for an ounce of moisturizer, Crème de la Mer is proving to be worth every penny. It is important for a product to deliver what it promises to deliver; otherwise consumers are left feeling cheated. The proof is in the number of people purchasing this “Miracle Broth”. It can be purchased everywhere; and retailers are finding it more and more difficult to keep this item in stock. Certain sizes are limited, and department stores often sell out before they can even get the product back on the shelf.


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