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Miracles of Turmeric

Updated on June 16, 2016

The many uses of Turmeric

That little spice in your kitchen is all you need for beauty and Health.

check this out!!

1. A warm glass of milk preboiled with a pinch of turmeric taken before bedtime helps in relieving acidity,acts as a gentle relaxant and gets rid of intestinal worms

2. A little gram floor and turmeric in equal proportion with curds can be applied to the face. Once dried ,rub gently over a washbasin. Watch the grime,facial hair and dead cells fall out. This can be done every week to have a clear and smooth complexion

3. Pimples? Don't fret. Take a turmeric seed and rub it to get raw turmeric. Apply this thickly on the pimple overnight. Not only does this disinfect but also helps keeping them at bay

4. Bathe with turmeric,gram floor and rock salt once every week to maintain body hygiene. This mixture is an excellent disinfectant and reduces odour causing bacteria

5. Turmeric seeds in cupboards keeps insects away, and a healthy safe way to maintain your expensive clothes

6. A little turmeric seed in your grains keeps it worm and insect free

7 And finally,burn a turmeric seed in the evenings and smoke all corners of the house. This will drive away mosquitos and other insects


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