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Mission Belts vs Regular Belts

Updated on February 28, 2015

Shark Tank Effect and Small Business

Besides being an interesting show, there is definitely a "Shark Tank Effect" taking place in the entrepreneurial community.

Not only are the companies that appear on Shark Tank benefiting from money and exposure, it has stepped up the game of entrepreneurs across the nation. Entrepreneurs can see fellow business people presenting ideas and working towards funding.

Entrepreneurs have seen the effect of putting passion and work to the test to bring successful products to the market. They see how people have put years and thousands of dollars... some are successful and some are not. What results will come from the show? Time will tell, but Shark Tank has successfully reached many Americans that have probably have dreams of owning their own business, but just haven't had the courage to make the leap.

We hope that the popularity of the show continues and that more successful ventures that stem from its effect. Look for more variations of the concept if Shark Tank continues the popularity.

Why a highlight of Mission Belt?

Mission Belt is being highlighted because of their successful stint on Shark Tank. They have truly been a poster child for the show and have continued the success.

The Shark Daymond has been a great partner to them and has taken them to new heights.

I hope that when people see the meteoric rise of Mission Belt that they will too pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Not everyone will have the same opportunity as Nate Holzapfel, but they can achieve success when they put their dreams in motion. You need to take the first step and make things happen. His first rule is "Thou shalt HUSTLE."

Knowledge of Mission Belt

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New emergence of belt fashion

It has been awhile since belt fashion (for men at least) has been a thing. I remember that in the late 90's there was an influx of belt buckle designs. There were buckles with weird pictures, buckles with flashing lights and even buckles with scrolling words.

This is not a fad like it was. The Mission Belt is a classic belt that works whether you are in work clothes, play clothes, and so forth.

Belts are an easy way to accessorize and up your style. Buying high priced clothing is expensive. A belt is a good way to upscale a wardrobe without a high price tag.

Mission Belt Pics from Instagram

No Holes, Always Fits
No Holes, Always Fits | Source

Benefits of Mission Belts

Again, I am not affiliated with the Mission Belt company- just a passionate fan! There are several reasons why I love my Mission Belt and I want everyone to know.

The following are a few reasons why I chose Mission Belt and why I will choose one in the future:

  • Holes are overrated. Normal belts crease where the belt holes are located. When the belts crease, they eventually wear out, break or become ugly/worn.
  • Mission belts are adjustable. They have an awesome synch feature on the inside side of the belt. Think of a zip-tie on the functionality. For, when the belt is inserted, it is securely and continually fastened as it pulled tighter. You then easily pull up the lever and it releases and the belt can be removed.
  • You can remove the buckle- even while you are wearing it! Why is this a benefit? It works so well in airports. I HATE removing my belt in the security lines. The Mission Belt feature allows you to remove it, stick it in the bin to be scanned- all the while you have a belt to hold up your pants.
  • Stylish colors. I don't know how many stores I have gone through in the past to get the right look for a belt, but it was too many! The colors are stylish and fun. It seems like they are only offering more colors and styles!
  • They have a mission to help others with each belt purchase. I love purchasing from companies that are socially responsible and use profits for good. I like other companies that take the same approach.
  • They're backed by Daymond the Shark! Daymond is an icon in the apparel industry. I trust he will keep Mission Belt on the right path.
  • You can easily order online and know what you are getting. It is more and more that I am seeing them in stores... so score! I can find them most places now.

Funny Mission Belt Video

The Mission Belt Marketing

This video is pretty entertaining. Yes, the video is promotional but you kind of forget about that when you watch it. That is beautiful marketing, when you are drawn to the company and feel comfortable even though they are pitching you.

Not every day do you find a company so passionate about non interesting products... for example, belts! Belts aren't the most glamorous products, but you wouldn't know it when looking at Mission Belt!

Mission Belt marketing is fun and refreshing. The video posted shows some of the great marketing coming out of the start up.

If you haven't met Nate, the owner, then you need to. He is starting a great project called the Nate State of Mind. He truly may be one of the greatest salespeople out there!

The mission to feed families

Buy a belt and save a family is a great mission!  This graphic is from the website
Buy a belt and save a family is a great mission! This graphic is from the website | Source

Belt Preference

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Hear it from a user

I have really enjoyed my Mission Belt. I feel like it is easy to wear with either my casual or dressy clothes.

Quite often I get compliments on it all the time. It isn't too often that people recognize that you have a cool belt (and bought it to be socially conscious).

I recommend this belt to those looking for something different and something that will last a long time.

Finally, I met the owner, Nate Holzapfel. He is awesome and an inspiration to many.

Leave a message about your belt... even if it isn't a Mission Belt

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