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Updated on March 31, 2016


If you are just starting into the modeling business, male or female, any age, don't sign exclusive with the first agency that gives you an interview. (Unless of course if it is Wilhelmina or Ford.)

Generally It's in your best interest to check into their clientele to see if their clients are who you want to be working for.
When you are at your interview, don't be afriad to ask who their major clients are. If they refuse to tell you, they may not have your best interests in mind. Always stay educated. It's your future

  • Must Be Handsome
  • Beautiful
  • Attractive
  • Slim and Smart Body
  • Height Must be 6 Feet for Men and 5.7 Feet for girls
  • age 16 Years to 25 Years For New

    Now we discuss this one By one :-


Which Kind of Model you Want

there are many kings of Models which participate in different Fields and they are Playing good rol in there different fields
in wich some are

Plus size,
Hand or foot
rint and editorial
and Trade show Model

So now its on you
whats your Opinion about this


Now we discuss on Style of Model which is very important for any model so we divide this in three classes for understanding in which we should discuss on there body language, there body style and the style of there body moment.
and also if we can do this then how can we start our career.

Face Impression

Face look

First of all look of face is very important without this no one can attract to your side

So True!
If you have a photo shoot coming up and you want epic images, get your hair and make up done professionally! It will make and incredible difference in the images you get back from the photographer,
and You cannot be everyone's cup of tea. And that's okay, in fact it's good

Message for new Models

Portfolio of Your Images

you want to be a MODEL?
Do you REALLY want to be a MODEL?
Don't make any more excuses!
Take control of your life.
Make your dreams come true!
Send your images to agencies!
Check back with them as often as they suggest!
Go to every open call that you possible can!
Portfolio of your images is very important for your career for this you must have your Album and after this its important that drop copy of your album in different agencies.
and wait for positive response.

Message for Models

If you are old

If you think you are too old to be a high paid super model, chances are there is still time for you to make your dreams come true!
It used to be that a model was considered washed up by age 20, but not anymore. Now days the best paid super models are well into their late 20's and some are even in their 30's and 40's. If you want it, you have to go after it! You can't become a super model by wishing alone. Start creating your future today!

How Make Your Pose


Since posing tips are one of the most requested questions that I keep getting, here are some super short and easy to understand posing videos for you to watch. It really is this simple. Watch the videos, and practice the poses, and create your 2 minute posing routine that you can go through at your photo shoots.
You don't need to have an exact routine, and you can repeat or change it up each time. Don't worry about the consistency of the poses, just make sure that you can do a large variety of poses in a short period of time. Do keep in mind to hold each pose for 1-3 seconds to give the photographer enough time to capture the poses they like. They may not click on every pose and that is ok, just keep going through your poses.

Professional Models vs People who are working to become professional models

If you are hired for a job, you are getting paid to be a professional model.
If you are promoting yourself as a professional model, you better make sure you are one.
As a professional, you are expected to know what you are doing. It is your job to show up and know what you are doing.
As a professional model, you are accountable to show up for the booking. People are counting on you. It is very unprofessional to forget a booking, or not show up because of any reason. Make sure you keep good records and mark it in your calendar. Make sure you show up for the booking! I can't stress this enough!
If you are being paid for a job, please respect everyone involved is putting in the same amount of dedication to show up as professionals to get the job done! Do your research if you are hired for something you have little or no experience in. This is part of being a professional! It's your job!
Know what you are getting in to. Ask questions! Find out what you will need to do as far as what you will be wearing, the setting or theme, and feeling of the concept. Find out the message the client or photographer is trying to create and and Practice! Practice! Practice facial expressions, emotions, and body movements to portray this message!

If you show up and act insecure, and are not good at posing and moving in front of the camera, you can expect that you will most likely NOT be called back. This type of reputation will travel fast among people in the industry.

No one wants to pay for a professional model and get an amateur.

If you aren't confident enough, or are not ready to work as a professional model, keep practicing and wait until you are ready and more proficient at modeling before you accept paid jobs. You will gain more respect from being honest with the client or photographer than if you show up and give sub par work.

If the client or photographer really wants your look even though you have no or little experience, they may be fine with your inexperience and might just schedule an extra hour to work with you a little more. The extra time will help to help ensure enough time to get the images they want, but they will need to PLAN for the extra time!
Be professional, give them the option by letting them know your experience level.
Be honest with them.
It will take you much farther than showing up and wasting their time.

Message of Shah Rukh Khan

Want Amazing Photo shoot

Get new amazing results from your next photo shoot! Hire a Professional Make Up Artist, and a Professional Hair Stylist and plan out an amazing look.
Put some thought into it! Figure out the details from your shoes to your fingernails. (Men Too)!
Most Models do their own hair and make up when they are just starting in the business. They go from photo shoot to photo shoot expecting different results when they put in the same effort.
It's time to try something new and get new results

break into the modeling or even acting world

Are you trying to break into the modeling or even acting world? There are a lot of people asking a lot of questions about how to start. Here is some great information for you.
First step:
You can start with zero money.
Take some cell phone snap shots, or if you have a digital camera use that. You don't need to go to a professional photographer to start out. Take some really super clean super clear great focused photos of your face. Get 1 or 2 that really show your features. Smile big for one and show teeth, and no smile or a smile without teeth for the other one. Then get some sort of shot in nice clothing to see your body shape. This just means not super baggy. Jeans and a t-shirt will do nicely for this look.
2nd step:
Do some online searches and some searches in the phone book for local talent agencies. Do research on them to find out if they have a good reputation. Ask around, or call the Better Business Bureau if it is used in your area, or any sort Program that checks the legitimacy of businesses. Also the use of social media is a wonderful way to find out information. Get on Facebook or Twitter and ask outright about an agency to see if anyone responds with feedback. Quite often people will be honest and tell you if it's good or not.
3rd Step:
Find the email address for submitting talent photos and start emailing them. DON'T FORGET to include a letter that includes your statistics (Name, Age, Weight, Height, Hair color, Skin Color, Eye Color, Ethnicity if applicable, and your Location(City)
They will need this information because sometimes it is not apparent in a photo how tall you are, or eye color, hair color, etcetera.
4th Step:
These agencies get quite a few photos every single day, so make sure if you do not hear back from them to re-send your photos about every 2 months.
5th Step:
If you are under 18, you will probably want to take new photos about every 3 months or every time you send in your photos because your facial features are still changing quickly and it's best if you keep the most current photos of you in circulation.
If you are over 18 you will want to get photos about every 6 months.
If you are 30+ years old you may need to get photos every 6 months if your look changes often. If your look rarely changes you may be able to get away with only updating your portfolio every year or 2 years. It is not wise for anyone to keep photos that no longer represent your look in your portfolio unless it is a tear sheet. (a tear out from any print advertisment that you have done)
6th Step:
If you get interviews, auditions or call backs from an agency you will want to make sure you have some photos printed with your stats on so you can leave them with the agency. One or 2 head shots and a body shot will be enough. If you do not have any prints, then it is time to make a small investment and have some made. Most agencies want 8x10's or 9x12's. That means the photos need to be of good quality. You can still get this from cell phones or your own cheap digital camera, you just have to take a little time posing to make sure it's a clear photo. When a blurry picture gets blown up to a 8x10 or 9x12 it gets even blurrier so it is crucial that it is perfectly focused. Make sure you put your stats on your photos, even if you write on them with a marker. Make sure you print neatly so the agency can read it.
7th Step:
If you aren't getting much luck emailing your photos in, you may want to consider mailing them by street address, or working with a local photographer for trade so that it still doesn't cost you very much out of pocket money. There are always new photographers who are looking for local talent to update their own portfolio as well, so one hand washes the other, and you both sign release forms for each other and trade out your talents. your looks for their skills. This gets you what you need and still keeps your pocketbook full.
8th Step:
Keep trying. No one will probably ever tell you it is easy to break into this market, but a lot of people will tell you how rewarding it is when you do break into it.
So many people give up, and stop trying, so the ones who keep trying are proving they are willing to work hard for themselves. This will speak for itself with your success. The ones who stick with it usually do fairly well.
GOOD LUCK, I hope to see your name in lights!

This hub is Help full for you

Cast your vote for Modeling

Warning for New Models

  1. Avoid any agencies that require a deposit for your photo submissions. These are highly suspect of being scams.
  2. Stay away from smaller agencies that do not have fully functioning websites
  3. Please be smart and check for client testimonials.
  4. Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau ) to see if there have been issues with the agency.
  5. Check to make sure if a web site is still active, scroll to the bottom of the web site page to make sure it has been recently updated. If it hasn't been updated since 2014, chances are it is no longer in business, and you should pass it up and move on to the next one
  6. View the agencies talent, make sure that their talent is a wide variety of people and not just a few of the same people throughout the website. A legitimate agency will have hundreds of talent, not 5 or 6 people posing as the talen


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