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Updated on November 18, 2012

Have you ever paid attention to those little ads at the side of the Facebook screen? In between those ads for gaming websites and freebies for women, I stumbled upon the website. After clicking on one of these ads, featuring a beautiful and unique looking dress, I was transported to one of the best shopping websites that I have ever been privy to.

ModCloth starts off as an unassuming page with a slide show flipping through four or five sales or featured items. Tabs across the top of the page divvy the website into categories of commonly shopped for items such as "New Arrivals," "Clothing," "Shoes," "Bags & Accessories," "Apartment," and "Vintage" with drop down sub-categories to even further slim-down a shopper's search.

ModCloth provides an outlet for designers, popular, unknown, and up-and-coming, to sell their wares. Shoes by Betsey Johnson can be paired with dresses by Tracy Reese. Products have fun, pun-filled names like "Raspberry Flummery" and "You Sweater Believe It!"

There are style options for everyone. Whether you like something classic or contemporary, fitted and flashy or loose and comfy, plaid or polka dots, or high heals or ballet flats, ModCloth has something to fit your needs.

Prices vary depending on the item and designer. Dresses and shoes can range from about $20 to over $200. There is always a sale on something, and the clearance section is updated daily with a wide selection of items.

ModCloth listens to their shoppers' voices. With their "Be the Buyer" feature, ModCloth takes feedback on future items before they place their orders. This feedback can include anything from approval or disapproval of the style, fabric, or price. A shopper also chooses "Pick it" or "Skip It." If a shopper chooses "Pick it," they will receive a notification when the item is released for sale.

Don't be fooled by the word cloth in the website's name! ModCloth is more than just clothing. ModCloth also carries a varied assortment of shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and even home goods. ModCloth specializes in trendy, fun, unique items such as squirrel salt and pepper shakers or a cat cellphone holder.

ModCloth is a wonderful website with a wide selection of items and prices. I frequent this website because it changes daily. It is the perfect website for special occasion and gift shopping. If you are into fashion or unique household items, bookmark it for a special treat with every visit!


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