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Modeling agencies and advice on how to become a model working for an agency

Updated on October 14, 2010

Types of modeling

Runway- Runway modeling is just that. Models will walk down a runway, pose when they reach the end of the runway ( usually ) and than walk back. Usually there are height requirements. For a woman model it is around 5'8 and up. For a male model it is usually 5'11 and up.

Print- Print modeling is exactly as it sounds. When you open up a catalogue or see a retail store's advertisement in the paper than those models are doing print modeling. Print modeling can be any models in many forms of print. Usually men and women of all kinds can do this kind of modeling.

Fashion- Fashion modeling is modeling clothes ( usually what people first think of when they think of models ) and usually the height requirements are the same as runway modeling.

Fitness- Fitness modeling is models who are muscular and poses for fitness ads, supplement companies, magazines and other stuff fitness related.

Other- There are many other kinds of modeling but usually they can fall into on of the listed categories. For example some models may strictly do underwear modeling, sportswear ( fashion ) or promotional modeling. Promotional modeling is usually working at a public event handing out product for a company that hired you to promote their products.

Agencies, scouts and websites

There are many ways to get into modeling and get gigs. below are a few common ways to get into modeling and how they work.

Modeling agency- A modeling agency is a business that hires models. The agency usually already have clients that use their models so therefore the agency usually can line up work for you and than send you out to the client. You usually don't have to go on auditions because the agency already hired you and the clients already trusts the agencies. In other words the clients who use models from these agencies know that they have models that will fit the right look that they are looking for.

To be considered a model for an agency you need to send out your portfolio to them. They might want some basic pictures of yourself and maybe interview you face to face. Agencies usually have requirements but if you are hired by an agency then you will probably be offered a contract and will get gigs without looking for them.

Talent scout- A talent scout is a person that scouts out new models. Talent scouts typically work for an agency and they get paid when they find new talent that gets gigs. Talent scouts can be anywhere at anytime and will usually approach you if they think you have what it takes.

Websites- There are many websites that are out there that claim that big companies check them out and hire models from the site. Sometimes these websites are good, other times they are not. These websites usually make money by charging a membership fee or for a list of casting calls or other services and they charge them to the models!

Usually you will make a free profile at one of these websites but than if you want a list of casting calls than you might have to pay. Also the websites will make it sound real good and that anyone has a major shot at modeling.

Advice on becoming a model

If you want to make it in modeling than you need to be seen. You want the agencies too notice you. You want the talent scouts to come to you and you want casting directors to hire you on the spot. So use the Internet to it's advantage. Use social networking sites to gain popularity. Sign up for a few websites that deals with models. You want to be seen but make sure to not overexpose yourself.

Do not try to be someone else. Be your own person and don't try to alter your personality. If you try to be fake then casting directors and agencies will pick up on it. Changing your personality may cost you a lot of gigs as well as a lot of money. You might still be able to get work but not as much work as you could get if you just be nice and be yourself.

When you go on auditions be prepared to hear no. When you try to get signed with an agency be prepared to hear no. When you try to get work as a model be prepared to hear no. Taking no for an answer is all part of the beginning phase of modeling. The word no will come in many forms. You might be told that you don't have the right look. You might be sent home from a gig. You might be turned away when you go to auditions. The list can go on but be prepared to take rejection. All it takes is one yes and your career could launch right away or it might be a good start.

You can work for yourself by simply finding out where casting calls are being held and by who. There are many ways to find out about casting calls. Some websites will give a list of casting calls for free or there will be ads in the local newspaper for local gigs. You just have to dig around and find out the information. If you live in a big city than finding casting calls should not be that hard.

Talent scouts- Talent scouts are everywhere and there are many people who claim to be talent scouts. Be aware of people who are not real scouts for big companies. Talent scouts that work for big companies can usually list their credentials and even tell you about who they scouted and about the company they work for. Remember that if a scout doesn't sound or act professional then they are probably not a real scout. A scout can also work for a website but usually they are not a real talent scout, the website just gives them that title. In reality they are a sales person because they try to get as many people to sign up for the website they are affiliated with and when the model buys something ( such as casting calls listings ) from the site ( once the model signs up for a free profile ) than the talent scout makes money from that sale.

Picking a good location to liveis a great idea. If you want to model than it only makes sense to live where there are many opportunities for modeling. Living in New York City, Los Angeles or even Chicago and other big cities is a good idea because there are more casting calls and agencies and bigger, well-known cities than there are in little cities and towns.

List of agencies and websites

Here is a list of some of the agencies and websites that are out there. Some of the websites might be for you but others may not be. The same goes for agencies as well. Do your research on the websites listed before signing up for them. As for trying to get into an agency be confident and be prepared to take no for an answer. Agencies are always looking for new faces so be patient when sending out your portfolio.

Agencies-Click, Ford, Premier models, Elite, DNA model management, IMG model, Next model management

Websites- Too spoiled, Model mayhem, Prime model, New faces, Model scouts, One model place, Model launch


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