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Modern Piercing Jewelry. What is in Fashion?

Updated on September 1, 2012

Everything new - it is well forgotten old - this statement is 100% suitable for such ultra-modern fashion trend, like piercing.

In fact, the habit of piercing for various body parts had our very remote ancestors - cave people. For piercing they used carved bones and wooden sticks, which showed that a person belongs to a particular tribe.

Body piercing has been widely known in the ancient Roman and Egyptian cultures. There it was used to denote membership in the higher stratum of society, piercing navel (also referred to as belly button piercing). In Indian culture piercing played several different roles: concubines and dancing girls from the harem used it to decorate their body.

New life into piercings breathed hippies, who at one time have borrowed much from the ancient customs of various peoples. Gradually the piercing became a kind of identifier belonging to one of today's informal organizations: rockers, punks, etc.

Recently things have changed - piercing has become simply a fashionable trend, which everyone can follow, regardless of their ethnic or cultural affiliation. Now piercings - a trendy and stylish way to distinguish yourself from the crowd, to demonstrate your individuality, and even draw attention to some hot parts of the body.

You can pierce the navel, nose, eyebrows and even intimate areas - choice for piercing is yours, although the most popular option is piercing belly / navel. On the one hand, it is connected with the spread of last fashion trends and on the other hand - with the desire of young fans of piercing to demonstrate the merits of their perfect bodies.

Belly Piercing
Belly Piercing

Modern piercing jewelry reflects significant changes in fashions and technology. Strong, lightweight metals such as platinum, iridium, and palladium permitted exceptional settings for gemstones, and new casting methods resulted in more sculptural designs and a greater use of different metallic textures and finishes.

Choosing high-quality body piercing jewelry, know that it is better to choose special golden earrings, because gold is known for its antibacterial qualities, and in addition, it is not oxidized. In addition, the earrings for piercing made from precious metals - are very elegant, fashionable and affordable.

Earrings Piercing can be of different sizes and shapes of their general strike in its diversity: here and flowers, and animal figures, and fishnet weave, and much more. Frequently earrings for piercing adorned with stones or pendants, including diamonds or other precious stones.

Jewelry for Belly Piercing

There are a lot to choose from, different kinds of models made of Surgical Stainless Steel of White Gold.

Double Cz Swarovski Gem Belly Navel piercing bar body jewelry is made of 316L surgical steel and is the standard size of 14 gauge, 7/16" length.

it is of best quality, affordable, does not irritate and looks great on any skin color!

Genuine Diamond Nose Bone

Genuine diamond nose ring. Artisan handmade 20 gauge 14kt white gold nose bone with a 1.5mm prong set genuine diamond.

Nickel Free gold body jewelry. Handmade in USA/ Hand polished. Quality and price for this nose bone is perfect.

If you are looking for a noticeable nose ring that fits amazingly, you found it!

Give this Timeless Gift

Add marvelous fashion to your loved one wardrobe with this stunning genuine diamond belly ring.

Gold flower body jewelry crafted from 14k nickel-free solid gold. A beautiful and eternal solid gold belly ring great for any occasion.

Let us conclude with a very appropriate quote: "I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back." Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-born U.S. film actor.


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      3 years ago

      Barbara,I can handle death and the grief that comes with it. I feel it is a noamrl part of living. Today I struggle with the grief the living cause. I do not enjoy being a fool. For the past year I have been one. Possibly my entire life. Realizing that, I must reconsider many things. What a parent can teach us can fall far from grace and nearer to disgrace. I do agree that writing a poem can release grief tho. Thanks for commenting.


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