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More Facts About Silicone Apple Watch Band and Its Advantage

Updated on December 23, 2016

Silicone rubber is a material used in variety of tools and accessories. It can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. This may also be one of the reasons why it is also used for cooking utensils. It is also used for other objects such as medical tools, automotive parts, and to accessorize bags, gadgets, garments and many more. One of its usage which we will be discussing in this article is it being a replacement to your Apple watch band. Below are just some of the amazing advantage of this material to be combined with your latest gadget collection.

Read on to know more about the advantages of Silicone Apple watch band.
Read on to know more about the advantages of Silicone Apple watch band.

It is Definitely Waterproof

If I mentioned earlier how it can withstand a high temperature, please also consider that a silicone Apple watch band is waterproof. I have elaborated more about this on my previous article and how it is such a nice gift to a swimmer. Silicone is non-absorbent meaning it does not absorb any liquid such as sweat, water and any other spills. It can even withstand staying inside the liquids for long hours so if you happened to forget it under the sun and then the rain came down pouring on it overnight then it is not a big problem.

Silicone rubber materials are waterproof and heat proof.
Silicone rubber materials are waterproof and heat proof.

It is Lightweight no Matter How Thick

If you worry about feeling something heavy on your arms, a silicone made Apple watch band is appropriate for you. It is way lighter than the other watch band materials and it is comfortable on the arm wrist. There are even silicone made watchbands that are designed with perforation like for example OULUOQI’s apple watch Nike plus making it cooler and letting the air rotate inside and out. The ventilation also keeps it fresh and it won’t smell.

Ideal for Those Who Itch Wearing Metal Materials

Some of us (I meant many if not only some) have allergic reactions to some metals or stainless steel materials. If this is your case then silicone Apple watch accessories are your thing. It may minimize (because your Apple watch has a stainless steel surface) your skin reaction to the aforementioned materials keeping your arm wrist free from itching. Silicone rubber also works otherwise from metal chains because it does not leave marks on the skin, instead it is elastic and soft.

Still go trendy with the unique silicone Apple watch accessories of your choice.
Still go trendy with the unique silicone Apple watch accessories of your choice.

Talk About Fashion with Your Silicone Apple Watch Accessories

Yes, it is definitely fashionable because of its varied colors. You can choose different colors to fit your daily outfit or choose a color such as red and black to match just about any outfit you want to wear. OULUOQI’s Apple watch accessories come in four colors that are very sporty and fashionable. There are also other brands in the market sold with more colors to choose from but if you prefer something cheaper then try considering this brand.

Choosing from one material after another is not easy unless you tried them all. With numbers of stores selling at a lower price today, you can definitely pick one from each material and give it a try.


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