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Most Comfortable Slippers for Women

Updated on January 13, 2012

There is nothing better than slipping your feet into a pair of nice warm comfortable slippers. In this article we will review some of the most comfortable slippers for women you might want one of these pairs when you buy your next pair of comfortable women's slippers.

most comfortable slippers for women
most comfortable slippers for women

ACORN Women's Tex Moc,Pink Ocelot

These are great slippers for when you are going in and out of your house throughout the day. These slippers feature a weatherproof skid resistant bottom, with a lightweight upper and memory foam insole. The soft lining wicks away any moisture and gives your feet comfort and some therapeutic support.

When wearing these slippers, your feet will feel like you are wearing a pillow or walking on a cloud. These Tex Moc slippers are very warm and they will last for years. Even after washing, these slippers hold their shape and still look like new. The pink color with the fuzzy upper edge is great fun.

Dearfoams Women's DS626 Slipper

For someone who likes a classic looking slipper, look no further than this microfiber terry suede slipper. This slipper is fuzzy outside and the inside is padded for more comfort. The rubber sole has a light tread to grip the ground when walking.

As you wear these slippers, you will find that they mold to your feet adding to the comfort of them. If they seem to be getting squished, they can go through your washer and dryer and they will be like new. I recommend getting two pairs so you are never without when the other is being washed. You may prefer to let them air dry to help with the fuzzy factor. Due to the foam in them, the slipper molds to your feet and feels like they are broken in without any effort.

For someone that requires some support in their slippers, these are great as they have some arch support and allow you to walk around all day without getting tired feet. There is a ledge at the back of the slipper to hold your foot in place while you are walking around.

If you are looking to give someone a gift of slippers, these make a great gift. A great idea for someone who may be in the hospital for a little while, instead of those hospital slippers, or someone who spends a great deal at home with reduced mobility or illness, but needs foot coverage. These slippers make a thoughtful and pampering gift?

Soft and Warm Microfiber Fuzzy Socks by Foot Traffic

For someone that is looking for a fuzzy alternative to a pair of slippers, they want to consider these fluffy socks. These are trouser length microfiber socks which come in a variety of colors, and one size fits all.

After looking at some socks locally made with the same fabric, I decided to order these as they were a bit cheaper. Imagine my surprise when I received these and they are much softer and more comfortable. I love the fact that they come in all sorts of bright colors, but also solids so that they can be worn during the day to work if you want. If you own crocs, you can pair these up with a matching color of crocs, and you don’t notice the holes as much.

When you order a set of these socks, make sure you buy enough pairs for everyone in your household or else you will not get to wear yours, as everyone else will be stealing your pair. Colors may not make a difference (i.e. they will take your hot pink socks, even if they are a male) to some when they decide to steal them, due to the comfort that they will be gaining.

Aromatherapy Herbal Slippers - Warm Whiskers Lavender Heatable Pink Bunny Slippers

For the adult that has wanted their own bunny slippers, this is the pair that you are going to want to purchase. The ears are pose-able and have wiggly whiskers and a puffy tail to add to the fun. The sole has a bunny footprint which is suitable to wear indoor or light wear outside such as getting the mail. These bunnies are sure to put a smile on your face whenever you wear them.

I really like these slippers to help keep my feet warm. A great take on a classic design in slippers. The instructions say to spot clean only, but they can be put in the wash in a pillowcase and then let them air-dry, and they will plump up again.

Warm fluffy slippers are always needed in a person’s house. Whether it is for yourself, or for a guest, you cannot go wrong with any of the products within these women’s fuzzy slipper reviews. Make sure to review sizing charts that come with the various slippers, as they do not necessarily fit the same as a shoe, and you want to make sure you get the right size.


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