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Top Five Mountain Wolves Mystical Graphic T-Shirts: Three Wolf Moon, This IS Family Loyalty Buy Online

Updated on July 21, 2011


The wolf represents power, loyalty, strength and intelligence. These beautiful and mysterious creatures are an amazement to watch and admire.I have a soft-spot for wolves as I find them to be misunderstood. Some cultures believe Wolves to be associated with witchcraft or the cause of mental illness and death. Some believe the Wolf to be greedy and destructive as it was named in the Bible as being so. I disagree.

Wolves are gentle animals who uphold the bond of family and loyalty by traveling and belonging to packs. Contrary to belief, Wolves very seldom attack humans. If the wolf is healthy, does not feel threatened and has an ample supply of a food source, they will not attack.

I feel the Wolf is a representation of our inner souls. Guiding us and giving us strength. We are intrigued and in awe at this animals integrity and intelligence and I am proud to wear a symbolic, gorgeous representation of them such as The Mountain Wolf T-shirt.

Three Wolf Moon

This t-shirt is by far my favorite among the collection of hand-dyed Wolf T-shirts by The Mountain. It has been featured on YouTube, seen on the hit show, The Office and is a hot tattoo for many.Three wolves are present with a mystical, yet magical background as the wolves howl at the ever present moon. Gorgeous.  

Wolf Family

Representing the family bond and loyalty, the Wolf Family t-shirt is beautifully crafted. All shirts are preshrunk and 100% cotton- guaranteed not to shrink or fade.

Loving Wolves

The dedication and compassion of the wolf is symbolized in this touching t-shirt. Beautifully hand-dyed in purple with the moon as bright as the wolves eyes themselves, this is a must have.

Wolf Flag

What better than to show your pride and your admiration for the wolf and your country in this wonderful display of justice and pride!  

The Hunter

Every time I see this shirt all I can say is "WOW." The color and graphics are all too real not to be fascinated beyond belief. The wolves predator way is definitely seen and felt from this stunning t-shirt.


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