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Muffin Tops No More! Perfect Women's Pants

Updated on August 18, 2010

Okay ladies, I have stumbled across something big. Something that will enable you to wear pants without fear of the zipper falling down. Something that will enable you to wear pants without worrying that they're slipping down and your butt is showing.

There is hope for us, women. There is hope that we can find comfortable pants that look good and don't require constant fiddling to remain decent in. There are pants in which a muffin top effect isn't just unlikely, it's outright impossible.

They're men's pants. Seriously.

The great secret that's been hidden from women is that men's pants are often far more flattering than pants made for women. Not only are they more flattering, they're also less expensive than 'women's' pants.

How do men's pants do it? Well, first of all, men's pants are designed to sit on a slim waist (or at least a waist that isn't low and hampered with wide hips) and to accommodate a longer crotch region. On a woman, this means that the waist sits above those love handles on your hips, but unlike many high waisted women's pants, you don't get the 'long butt' syndrome that makes your ass look droopy.

Try it sometime. Go into a store and try on a pair of men's pants. I recommend men's cargos as a good place to start because cargos are designed to be casual, and you're likely to find the straightened-out look much less mind blowing when you're wearing casual pants.

You'll probably notice that the straight leg cut favored in most men's pants, the one that in women's pants makes you look like an elephant, actually works on you when you're wearing men's pants. That's because they're allowing for man thighs and then providing the same width of fabric the whole way down the leg. The end result isn't what I'd call slimming, but it is definitely de-bumping. That means not looking like you have thunder thighs or massive hips. Hurray!

The leg tends to be a bit long in men's pants, you can either hunt around for a shorter leg (because men's pants, unlike women's pants pay attention to both length and waist size), or you can make the outfit ore feminine by putting on a pair of heels that will peek out cutely below the hem. It's win / win, baby!

Once you get over the stigma of wearing 'men's' clothing, it turns out that you can create some pretty stylish outfits by combining 'women's' clothing and accessories with 'mens' clothing that is more functional and comfortable than women's clothing would ever be allowed to be.

The perfect women's pants – were made for men.


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