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Multi-cultural natural hair care for everyone: review of Jirano

Updated on March 13, 2017

In this day and age, it seems like a quaint, old-fashioned term: "ethnic hair care". After all, the world is a melting pot. So many of us has different types of hair, with a combination of backgrounds and needs! A line that celebrates diverse beauty is a much more modern concept. Jirano is a company founded by Kenyan twin sisters who fled when their native country after civil war erupted. I was happy to be given the opportunity to experience it!

These women drew on their experience of several generations of family members utilizing the most prized fruits from the local market to create luxurious hair products. Freshly harvested vanilla, shea, aloe and coconuts were tapped for their beauty-giving properties. Speaking of coconuts, the folks at Jirano insist that despite the prevalent trendy use of argan, monoi and Moroccan oils in products these days, it's actually coconut oil that is the most beneficial to your tresses. It's most easily and thoroughly absorbed by the curly hair of many cultural groups.

Jirano takes its commitment to health and the environment quite seriously. To that end, they don't use silicones or parabens. The company recycles, uses simple packaging and refuses to test their products on animals.

Do you have what's euphemistically called "wispies" or "baby bangs"? What those are really -- in actuality -- are broken hairs. It can happen for a number of reasons, including severe dehydration, chemical processes, genetics. Bombay Hair Growth Serum was developed in homage to the probably millennia-long Indian tradition of applying nutritious oils to the hair and scalp.

The serum has a richness to its consistency -- dispersed by an eyedropper -- but absorbs quickly into your hair. It has a light, fresh, herbal fragrance. Its chief components include sesame seed, peppermint, almond, jojoba, avocado, lavender, rosemary, tea tree and castor oils. These are ingredients that have been long revered for improving hair health by naturalists, folk healers and others concerned with "the old ways". They have beneficial effects ranging from moisturizing, soothing irritations and cleansing.

The product is quite multi-purpose: the company suggests its use as a hot oil pack, pre-shampoo treatment and daily growth routine. To that list, I would also suggest frizz tamer, weather or swimming protectant and also, as a healthy way to break up too much product while styling.

5 stars for Jirano Bombay Hair Growth Serum


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