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How to Find the Perfect Handbag, Purse or Tote: Buying Tips and Tricks for Any Budget or Style

Updated on February 4, 2013

Hand Bags At POSH by Tori BOUTIQUE, Michigan

1545 Union Lake Road MI 48382
1545 Union Lake Road MI 48382 | Source
1545 Union Lake Road MI 48382
1545 Union Lake Road MI 48382 | Source
1545 Union Lake Road MI 48382
1545 Union Lake Road MI 48382 | Source


From Skulls to Wings to Crosses and Everything BLING, every women is either a purse, jewelry, shoes, or clothing gal. Are you thinking what does that mean? Well I am talking about how every women has that item they're into most. Some women need a small purse, a big purse, one with a lot of pockets, a shoulder bag, or maybe you just want a cute one that fits just you. I'm pretty much a purse addict myself. I can never have enough purses because every mood and occasion needs a complimenting bag.

The best part about purses is that, not only are they perfect for all of your carrying needs, but the right bag can tell people a lot about your personality!

A flashy sequin or "bling" bag can broadcast "I AM FUN!!!!" whereas a subtle floral print or earthtone can say "I am a business professional." A wild animal print can add a touch of intrigue to just about any attire and a basketweave is oh-so-summery! So of course a girl needs more than one purse!


Making the switch from bland to WOW or small to TALL can be a real nail biter but here's some tips that will leave you without buyers-remorse and absolutely in love with your new purchase!

PURSE BUYING RULE 1: You Get What You Pay For

The first thing to remember is that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR (…99.99% if the time). Meaning, just because a purse is “cheap” / “inexpensive” doesn’t mean that it’s a “good deal”; in fact it can mean the exact opposite; handles that snap, ripped linings, zippers that break… buying a $15 purse that breaks every three months adds up to $60 a year…and for $60 you could purchase a GREAT quality bag that you'll get to love year after year! So before you settle for a “budget bag”, consider if the bag is actually a genuine deal or not.

PURSE BUYING RULE 2: What's Your “Colors”?

Just because you like wearing earthtones doesn’t mean your purse needs to be earthtone! An Animal Print Bag matches great with earth tones!

Many times people will think that because they dress in black (or whatever color is “their color”) that the purse they carry must also be the same color. This isn’t the case at all! A contrasting purse can actually compliment your attire much better than a “matching” purse that is the same color as your outfit. If you are looking to step outside of your “norm”, try using the Color Chart and selecting a purse that is a Complimentary Color to your usual.

PURSE BUYING RULE 3: Size Matters!

Going from small purses to big purses or big purses to little purses is OK! Don’t think that just because you have usually rocked a large bag doesn’t mean you CAN’T enjoy a smaller bag!

When considering a purse that APPEARS smaller or LARGER than your usual purchase, think of what you carry in your bag. Do you have an extra large bag that has 20 lipsticks, 10 compacts, 8 lipliners and a handful of mascaras in it? Would it be safe to agree that you do not use all of these products daily? And we it be equally safe to agree that you *could* pick out possibly 3 of each product instead of having a retail-store-full of makeup in your bag? IF you agree that you *could* downsize the quantity of unneeded products in your bag, then it is safe to agree that you can downsize the physical size of your bag. On the other hand, if you firmly believe that you NEED to carry “the motherload”, then you may want to stick to your current size.

On the flipside, if you usually have a small bag, but you find that darling bag that is larger than your typical size choice; pick up the bag – does the bag weigh the same or more? You may find that the larger bag does not weigh any more than your current bag, yet offers more room for you to work with! Theres nothing worse than too-cramped of a purse that forces you to have to pull items out just to find other items!


If you ever find a bag you LOVE, its worth the purchase, even if the bag is a little higher priced than you are used to paying. A bag you LOVE will be used time and time again, whereas a bag you think is “just ok” will likely be replaced quicker and become clutter.

PURSE BUYING RULE #5: Resale Value

This is one of my personal favorites that I simply live by! I am such a big purse addict that I always consider what I can get for the bag when I am done with it. For example, I know I can buy a Kathy Van Zeeland bag, brand new for around $80...and when I'm done I can sell it on eBay or Craigslist for $20-$30 depending on the style, which means I can say I am only paying $50 to $60 for my beautiful NEW bag!


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