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Must Have Items For Every Fashionista

Updated on September 13, 2012

No matter what the latest trend is or what body type you have, there are certain pieces that look good on everyone. On the road to revamp your closet and style, these pieces are essential to having you ready for any and everything. It's great to not have to rush to get ready, make sure you are always ready. These are the items that should be in every fashionista's wardrobe to hit the town on the fly.

1. LBD (Little Black Dress)

You can dress them up or you can be them really edgy depending on your needs and what you pair yours with.

2. Black Pump

The black pump is and will forever be the go to shoe. It matches well with every color and depending on the texture and material, it could also give your look an edge.

3. Nude Pump

I will consider this the black pumps little sister, especially during the summer. The nude pump will add sleekness to whatever you're wearing.

4. White Blouse

There is a great amount of versatility in a white blouse. You can dress it up with a heel, some statement jewelry pieces and a head turning hairdo or dress it down with some shorts, sneakers, fitted cap, etc. It is one of the pieces you can wear from day to night, just remember to bring your tide pen just in case.

5. Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is a great piece to add a little edge or sophistication to any outfit. It gives your hand some attention and enhance your overall appearance.

Metal statement necklace paired with a blazer and red top for a a pop of color.
Metal statement necklace paired with a blazer and red top for a a pop of color.

6. Statement Necklace

A necklace can really make an outfit go to a whole new level. Having a great either gold or silver statement necklace is a great start. It could be the piece that adds the extra needed elegance or edge. Don't just restrict this to semi-formal wear, try wearing one with your favorite tshirt and jeans. Metals are great.

7. Blazer

Like a statement necklace or other accessories, a blazer adds a bit of style to an outfit and helps make it an extension of you. Try added a blazer to your l.b.d. or your jeans for a more cosmopolitan look.

What type of blazer you want to grab will depend on your shape and size. For me and other petite women, short tailored blazers are great. Tall women may want to try a long blazer. Once in a while I can pull this off myself if it is tailored enough, but be careful of this as shorter women can easily get lost.

...Don't forget, women look great in color. Black is great to start with and is a great go to, but color will add so much life to your outfit and you will probably feel more energized to. Start simple if your closet looks a bit dark. Add a colorful scarf, a blue cocktail ring, a new nail color. Once you feel comfortable with that, add some dresses with color like an all blue dress and add a blazer that you are comfortable with. You will notice a big difference in your outward and inward appearance and you'll probably get hooked on color from there!


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