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Must Try Matte Brands

Updated on May 7, 2017

The struggles

Lip gloss and lipstick is a great accessory to any look. It provides a smooth stainless, velvety appearance. Make the lip desirable to the touch. Being the top trending makeup tool of the century. Achieving the matte lipstick is challenging, however, it is worth the work. Knowing the different types of lipsticks and what works for your lips is the best knowledge obtained. No worries a lot of women have experience similar make-up journeys as well.

Dehydration is the biggest downfall to wearing any lipstick, whether matte, satin, or liquid. A few ways to keep the lip from looking dry and crisp while wearing lipstick is to keep the lip hydrate along with developing a lip care routine, it will make a tremendous difference.

The Key To A Flawless Finish

When applying a matte or any other lipstick the correct way take a few precautions. Make sure the lips are exfoliated. If applying any lipstick, you experience dead skin peeling, this indicates that your lips are not exfoliated or hydrated. To exfoliate the lip, removing any dead or unwanted skin, rub a toothbrush in a circular motion on the lip and wipe with a cloth or rinse. Incorporating a lip scrub into your lip care routine is always a plus. They are the facials for lips. Making a lip scrub can take up to five minutes. Overall it helps the healing process, by exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time. A chap stick is an everyday tool for the hardworking achievers. Chapsticks are moisturizers on the go; for the best use apply every day for an everyday moisture.

Be careful when applying too much chapstick. This can lead to an unfavorable appearance. Instead, apply a small amount before applying the lipstick of choice. This is to make sure the application process has a clean appeal. For a base coat or a lip, prep invests in Blistex, Carmex, or a lip conditioner. Lip conditioners are like lip scrubs except a conditioner has a liquid-solid base.

Long-lasting lipglpss; Brown
Long-lasting lipglpss; Brown | Source
L'Oreal Paris LE MATTE; Game, Set, and Matte; its a full coverage lip colour. If tint is all you want use a small amount.
L'Oreal Paris LE MATTE; Game, Set, and Matte; its a full coverage lip colour. If tint is all you want use a small amount. | Source
Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss; Cashmere
Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss; Cashmere | Source

Types of Lipsticks

The six lip wear products every makeup enthusiast probably have in their makeup collection:

Matte lipstick dries on contact, giving pout. Can be an everyday look or a worn for special occasions. Say goodbye to stains on cups, food, utensils, and straws. This lipstick comes in liquid and solid form. Which would you prefer?

Satin: far from being a matte lipstick, but has the appeal of matte and frosted lip wear. Not as much shimmer as frosted lipsticks and satin does not dry on contact of the lip.

Liquid: what is the difference between lip gloss and liquid lipstick? Is it not obvious one is a gloss and the other is a lipstick? That is not the difference. Most lip glosses are clear when applied and may have a slight tint. Rather than a liquid lipstick that is not as glossy, but rich in its color.

Cream lipsticks are weightless to the touch. One could say this is an average lipstick, though with today's century turning to a matte in about every lip wear product. Some cream products give the matte appeal.
An old trick to get shimmer on those lips is by applying eye shadow with glitter matching the lip color. Instead of using eye shadow buy a frosted lipstick, it's made for that reason, gives you shimmer in the color you want.

Lip stain: gives long wear for those humid days. The peel offs are a little tricky to maneuver but easily accomplished. It is best to get the solid form that comes in a tube, mess free, can be easily reapplied during the day.

Top trending brands

Top Brands
Average Price
Informed 'prosumer'
$20 - $48
Make-up influencers
$6 - $10
Professional make-up artist
$17 - $20

Lipstick Brands

With today's make-up seeming as though it is going the matte direction in every new lipstick wear. Finding the brand that fits the style of choice is challenging with brands offering similar looks. Being new to makeup it is overwhelming at times. There are brands that will always keep a girl on her feet. Brands that set the tone for your look is MAC cosmetics, L.A. Girl, QiBest, and E.L.F. If cost friendly is what you are looking for look no further. Whether your style is bohemian, casual, elegant, exotic, trendy, or vibrant correctly these brands are sure to help.


Being the world's leading make-up authority for professionals, they're known for competing with L'Oreal Paris and Revlon. They are the top brand for trendsetters with Intense Matte (Red) being the most popular matte lipstick sold for MAC cosmetics. Targeting professional makeup artists and laymen. Besides being at the top of their game MAC cosmetics offers a lot to the community by making sure their products are animal cruelty-free; giving rewards when recycling six make-up products containers (lipstick, eyeshadow, etc) to their store; giving HIV/AIDS children a chance by creating greeting cards which the selling price goes to participating organization; providing direct services to supporting community organizations through MAC AIDS Fund and Viva Glam products. Finding another cosmetic brand this involved in this community is unlikely.

Be on the lookout for QiBest. Having yet to own a website, in order, to buy this brand go to a secondhand shop. Their colors are rich and smooth filled with browns, nudes, pinks, and reds. Making any look appealing and long-lasting for any event. No more running off to the bathroom or checking the mirror every fifteen minutes.

E.L.F. cosmetics is for all age groups and is best for acne prone skin. This brand is best for sensitive skin using minerals and SPF (sunscreen protection foundation). Partnering with PETA organization to end animal cruelty by not testing their products on any species. When first trying, the matte lip color a little surprise of how smooth it went on only needing a few swipes for a full coverage plump lip. E.L.F. (eyes lips face) helps gives innovation while being budget friendly. In fact, their goal is educating and empowering all the make-up enthusiasts of the world. The luxury cosmetic company offers savvy and novice individuals an affordable line in L.A. Girl. Giving a mix and match style with their matte lip gloss. Helping give that classic casual look that we want.

Brands in the local hair stores that can go unnoticed, brands such as RK by Kiss. With bold colors embracing the lime green, royal purple, and the bright yellow of the world. Primarily, starting out as a nail art company. The venture into affordable, exotic lip glosses is admirable. Still, finding any of their matte lacquers will only be found in beauty stores or online, for now.
The best brands are sometimes the ones only known to a few.

What Makes Matte, Matte?

Many titles have subtitles. Matte is no different. There are many ‘sub glosses' that makes the matte collection: lipgloss, lip lacquer, and flat. What separates any matte lipstick from the other is the dry time and pigmentation. Lip lacquer is smooth and has a gloss, most lacquers take about five to twenty minutes to dry. The flat pigment is glossy and takes about ten minutes in dry time. Matte lipgloss can resemble flat pigment except the dry time is shorter depending on the number of coats applied.

No matter the brand having a smooth lipstick appearance is making sure the lip is healthy and full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for putting nutritious back into any harsh area of the skin and are found in a lot of chapsticks. These brands (Chapstick, Softlips, and Blistex) will help end dead skin to make the lip healthy again. Keeping it plump and healthy.

Making a matte lipstick requires three main ingredients. These ingredients are not listed in an order. A wax like a beeswax. It does dry on the lips take the necessary actions. After all, having lips look like the Sahara Desert isn't the most attractively. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and heals any type of chapped lips due to weather. Using this type of oil or olive oil in making lipstick is essential. Applying Shea butter to the beeswax and coconut oil will help create a matte lipstick.

Which brand is your favorite?

See results
Matte Lip Lacquer; Pool Party (front), Narcissism (back)
Matte Lip Lacquer; Pool Party (front), Narcissism (back) | Source

Basic or Fuller Lips?

Basic or fuller lips
Make-up is an art. When correctly applied, it is the most beautiful creation. When applying, the lipstick think: Am I going for a casual look? Do I want to try bohemian today? Am I staying with my authentic self for an everyday look? The look not only says what's being represented but may say if basic or fuller lip is for you. Having fuller lips is something a lot of women want which is why asking these questions may help the decision. Do you want a basic or fuller look?
Achieving the basic lip color in a two-step. Perfecting is best to make sure your lip is exfoliated. Apply a lip primer or lip prep and primer. These two products function the same except lip prep does exfoliate your lip while primer. A primer prevents cracked lips and lipstick feathering. Ensuring a smooth long-lasting color application.
For a fuller appeal, it requires three steps. Exfoliating, priming, and lining. Exfoliating prepares for priming. While priming prepares the lip for the liner and lipstick. Lip liner is a difficult application for pros, of course, do this correct and no one will be able to tell. A lip liner outlines the lip giving more definition while enhancing and hiding some lip features. This product helps with increasing the wear of the lipstick and depending on how applied will make the lip look fuller.


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    • Dasia Toston profile image

      Dasia 5 months ago from North Carolina

      Have not tried those two. Thanks for the product recommendation.

    • Dasia Toston profile image

      Dasia 5 months ago from North Carolina

      Ever since L.A. Girl came into my life my lips have not been the same.

    • E Lynne Campbell profile image

      Erika Lynne Campbell 9 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      I'm a big fan of E.L.F Cosmetics. The Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter is my absolute favorite to use under my shadow.

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 9 months ago from India

      I tried LA Girl Matte and I loved it. I have tried one more brand that is Makeup Revolution, its also good.

    • Daniel Hamza profile image

      Daniel Hamza 9 months ago from Dhaka