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My Experience and Review on L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Sizzling Copper

Updated on January 17, 2013

L'Oreal High Color Hair Dye, Why is it Different?

L'Oreal High Color hair dye is a hair dye that lightens hair and dyes it in the same step, which means no pre-lighting or bleaching. That makes this dye extremely convenient if you are trying to go a lighter color. Most dyes do not do this, or at least do not do this well, even if you are dying your hair a lighter color. However, this hair dye is intended for dark hair only. If you have light hair, you may not get the expected or good result.

What I did:

Note: This is only what I did and the result of this specific color, I'm not reviewing the whole line of this dye or L'Oreal products as a whole. Also keep in mind how my hair may have affected the results. I have long hair passed my elbow that had recently been dyed a darker red auburn using a different brand of hair dye.

- With that said, first I mixed my first tube of L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Sizzling Copper (I bought 2 because my hair is so long), with a 40 developer, because my hair was dark and freshly dyed. It normally recommends 30 developer. I recommend if you have lighter hair and still considering using this product use 20 or 10 developer as your hair does not need to be lighted nearly as much.

- First I applied it to my roots and then to the rest of my hair with brush. I left it on 40-50 minutes under a shower cap, though the recommended time is about 30 minutes. I left mine on a little longer because my hair is pre-dyed and for some reason my towels seemed to have jumped out of the bathroom and hid under my couch XD.

- After my time was up I rinsed my hair out thoroughly and deep conditioned it with a conditioner made for dyed hair I have. It helps repair the hair from dying damage without the color running out too much.

- After towel drying and blow drying my hair, my roots were flaming red, and by flaming red I mean RED. I can see the red when my hair is wet or dry and it's very noticeable. However about an inch or two from my roots my dark hair had been only very, very slightly lightened but still looked much darker than my roots and much browner, very much to my disappointment.

My Review

Well, I definitely did not get the all around bright color I wanted, which is an understatement. But, I don't want to say it was all the products fault. My hair had been dyed recently and has been dyed every month or two for a few years now, so there is some dye build up. I feel that on either undyed or not freshly dyed hair it would work much better. I have personally used this brand on friends and it significantly lightened their hair (however I'd never used this color before).

I have also heard that for dark hair/dyed hair it may take using this product twice (just separate days so you don't fry your hair!!!!!)

So here is what I recommend - keep in mind I am no specialist in hair - is take note of when the last time you dyed your hair and how that might affect this dye. If your hair is undyed, or not recently dyed, it'd say go for it. The results I got on my roots were a bright red, very noticeable and if that is what you are looking for, then this is the product for you.

If you had recently dyed your hair or have very dark or hard to dye hair, you might need to do this twice to really get the color you are going for. Annoying, yes, but red is a hard color to get and maintain.

My Conclusion

I will be trying again with L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Hilights Copper to really bring up the hair color - as this copper is a lot lighter and brighter - in a couple days, so I don't fry my hair too bad. I will write a review on that color separately and link it to this page so you get the whole result and review.

I say if you are looking at using a color from L'Oreal HiColor line, give it a shot since I have had good results in the past. I chalk up my lack of vibrant results to having such recently dyed hair (within a week or so).

** Update

I did try out the HiColor Hilights Copper, and wrote up a review. Since now the review is up and published here's a link if you are curious on my continued experience with L'Oreal HiColor.

HiColor Hilights Copper Review


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