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I gotta Love: Fall Fashion

Updated on November 27, 2016

Frumpy and Sexy?

When I think of fall I think of being wrapped in warm, soft, clothing. A baggy, lazy look as the days get shorter and the night get longer.

Back Woods Fashion

Flannel and Plaid Shirts

I love flannel shirts, then again that might be the inner hipster in me. However flannel has become a pretty hot item for the fall.

Leggy Leggy Ladies

Leggings and Skinny Jeans

Nothing is nicer than slipping on a pair of pants and just going. Leggings a perfect for so many different events for the fall. I'm a big fan of different colored leggings. However I find I have a hard time getting into leggings with patterns. I just find it harder to make outfits with leggings with patterns.

But that's just me.

The Denim Shirt

I talked about denim shirts in another hub. However I'm digging this denim shirt trend. They're great shirts that go well with both leggings (with maybe a nice lace tank top underneath for layering-buttoned up or not buttoned up.) or a denim on denim look with jeans. Pair a sleeveless denim shirt with a cardigan for a non-bulky layered look or add a over sized scarf for those cool fall nights.

Boots with the Fringe

I recently (back in July) bought a pair of grey fringe boots from AE. They're a wedge style and I love them. Bad part, they're a little small so I can't fit boot socks or leg warms into them.


Belts, Cardigans, and Dresses?!?!

This was a look I first saw with my sister at Easter a couple years ago. While working at Vanity I fixed up a display with the same look.

Where I found this Stuff Myself!

Denim Shirt
Wet Seal, Vanity
Fringed Boots
AE, Vanity

You Gotta Tell Me!

What is your gotta have fall piece?

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