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My Go To Fall Fashion

Updated on October 22, 2016

Sweater & Jeans & Boots & Scarf

This is one of my favorite outfits for a lazy fall day. It is super comfy for just lounging around at home, but it completely acceptable for running errands out and about.

First we will start with the sweater. Most people have a sweater in their closet they can use for this. It doesn't necessarily have to be a sweater either. You can do this with an oversized long sleeve shirt as well.

Next, the pants are pretty simple. You can do whatever wash or style you want, although, if you are going to tuck your jeans into your boots, you should probably go with a jegging or skinny jean to cut down on bulk.

The boots are probably my favorite aspect. I have a bit of a boot obsession, and these are one of my favorite. They are great boots that are cute, but are really comfortable to wear for a long time as well.

As far as the scarf, depending on what shirt you wear, there are endless possibilities for this. I love the big scarves like this because not only are they comfy, but they keep me warm as well.

Long Sleeve V-Neck & Jeans & Boots

I love this outfit for warmer fall days. Although it looks simple, it gives you the opportunity to play it up with your hair or some accessories. I also wear a tank top under the shirt, because being a busty girl, there is no way I can get away without one.

The shirt can be found mostly anywhere. I got mine from Old Navy. They have so many colors to choose from. It is also super easy to move in, so you can go run errands or go for a walk and be super comfy.

With this outfit, I personally wear slightly distressed jeggings with a few holes in them. Again, for this you can wear whatever style you want. Make sure to pay attention to the color shirt you are wearing to decide what wash you want to wear for pants.

For the boots, I have a little tan pair that has fringe on them. I think it adds a little playfulness, but still keeps it easy and effortless.

Green Jacket & Black/White Stripped Shirt & Jeans & Boots

I love this outfit for going out and running errands or meeting a friend for lunch. It is wonderful for those in between weather days, where it is too cold for just a shirt, but you don't want to wear a coat.

This green jacket has become a staple in my wardrobe since I got it. It goes with pretty much everything and keeps me warm without cooking me as well.

The black and white stripped shirt is also a staple. It is a short sleeve shirt, so I can wear it by itself in the summer and spring, but can also layer it with a cardigan or jacket to make it work all year.

For this outfit, I use slightly lighter wash jeggings. I think it simplifies the outfit so there isn't a lot going on on the top and the bottom.

Lastly, again I love these boots. I have such a boot obsession, it is crazy. I use flat gray boots for this. Because I usually wear this when I have a lot of errands to do, I like to have comfy shoes to that I can keep going all day.

Cardigan & V-Neck & Jeans & Boots

I am completely obsessed with this outfit. I can wear this to church, and then continue to wear it all day, no matter what I am doing. It keeps me warm without being too hot and it is so comfy.

I love wearing cardigans. They are always my go to when I don't want to put in a lot of effort, but still want to look good. The cardigan I use is about the same color. It also goes about down to my knees.

I usually wear my white v-neck short sleeve shirt under this. Although there isn't a lot of contrast between the cardigan and the v-neck, it still looks really good.

I usually wear dark wash jeggings with this outfit. It adds a good contrast between the top and the bottom. This way it isn't all light colors or dark colors.

I use dark brown boots for this outfit. I also fold up my jeans to just above the top of the boot.


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